The Best Ice Cream in the Country

I’m sure every seaside town or area claims to have the best ice cream in the country. Well, I’m sorry to sound so pompous, but the Isle of Wight definitely does have the best ice cream in the country. Fact.

I first fell for the Island’s wonderful ice cream when I used to visit on family holidays before I moved to the Island. I remember first having a lick of Minghella’s ice cream and thinking it was so wonderful. Over the years more ice cream companies have flourished and we are now blessed with a wonderful choice of icy treats.

The Minghella name is famous worldwide in the film industry and their ice cream is just as famous around these parts. They have been established for over 60 years and their ice cream has a heritage from their Italian roots. They have now formed a partnership with the Isle of Wight Ice Cream Company who not only distribute their ice cream, but also use their state of the art factory to make the famous recipes. Some of my favourite Minghella flavours include coconut, Chocolate Bliss and Lemon Meringue, but they do a range of luxury flavours including Brown Bread and Black Cherries Laced with Kirsch!

Talking of which, The Isle of Wight Ice Cream Company make some great ice cream, all with local milk and even have ice creams named after Isle of Wight towns. They have some yummy flavours too including Rum & Raisin, Candyfloss and Choc and Orange. 

There’s just so much choice here for good ice cream and so far it’s been just the right kind of weather to enjoy it - sunny and hot!



Ice cream made on the Isle of Wight:

There are lots of vendors who sell local ice cream as well as other types. A few of my personal favourites are listed below:

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

16 July 2018

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs