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A handy guide to keep you on track

Cycling on the Isle of Wight has always been a popular activity, even more so during the Spring and Summer. More and more cyclists are heading to the Island to discover cycle paths and routes with stunning scenery, or to challenge themselves with a mix of different terrains. Although there are many different cycling options on the Island, one of the most popular is the ‘Round the Isle of Wight Cycle Route’.

At just under 65 miles long, the Isle of Wight cycling route is rather impressive and comes complete with its fair share of hills and very little traffic, making this unique route one for the more experienced cyclist looking for a new challenge. If you’re not quite as experienced as you’d like, there are several ways that you can still have a go by taking one section of the route at a time. It’ll be no surprise that the IoW cycling route passes through most towns and villages, so there are plenty of places to stop off to take a breather, grab some lunch or even book some accommodation and stay over, perfect if you intend to complete the route over the course of a couple of days.

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Step by Step Guide to the Isle of Wight Cycling Route

You can start at pretty much any point on the Island, and travel in a clockwise (as per this guide) or anti-clockwise direction, both directions are well signposted. We’ve started the route from our East Cowes Ferry Terminal, so as soon as you arrive on the Island you can get pedalling on your way.

What to take along

As with every trip, it’s best to come prepared. We have put together a ‘Kit List’ that includes the basics you need for taking on the Isle of Wight Cycling Route.

  • Smartphone with GPS or route map
  • Sun lotion/ sunglasses
  • Emergency contact details
  • Water bottle
  • Energy snacks
  • Repair kit/ tyre pump
  • Layers/ waterproofs
  • First aid kit

East Cowes – Bembridge (13.7 Miles)

  • Once you’re off the ferry, follow the road out of East Cowes and head towards Whippingham.
  • At Whippingham turn left onto Alverston Road and follow onto Brocks Copse Road.
  • When you reach Wootton, turn left onto Palmers Road followed by a right onto Footways. Turn right again onto Church Road and cross over the
  • High Street onto Station Road. Turn left onto Fernside Way and follow the cycle track until you reach the junction at Wootton Bridge, turn right up Kite Hill.
  • Turn right onto Firestone Copse Road and carry on towards Havenstreet.
  • At Havenstreet turn left onto the main road and then right onto Stroud Wood Road. Continue straight over two roundabouts, heading towards Ryde.
  • When you reach a crossroads carry on to Bullen Road. Turn right onto Gregory Avenue and out onto the B3330 and continue through Nettlestone.
  • When you reach St Helens, follow the left Lower Green Road and turn left into Latimer Road and out onto the B3395 towards Bembridge.
  • Once you reach Bembridge follow the one-way system through the village. 

Top Tip: You should now be outside The Bakery, where they sell delicious sausage rolls and cakes - treat yourself!

Bembridge – Ventnor (13.8 Miles)

  • Follow the one-way system through Bembridge and past Bembridge Windmill towards Sandown.
  • Continue straight over the mini roundabout onto Hillway Road and turn left at the junction onto Sandown Road.
  • Carry on over the roundabout towards Yarbridge, cross the lights and then turn left onto the Lower Adgeston Road towards Alverston.
  • Follow Alverston Road down into Alverston Shute, through Queens Bower and then right into Forest Road and onto Watery Lane.
  • At the crossroads, follow the A3056 onto Bathingbourne Lane and into Lessland Lane.
  • Go across the A3020 into Redhill Lane then turn left into Appuldurcombe Road. Turn right onto the B3327 until West Street, then turn onto Rew Lane towards Ventnor.
  • At Upper Ventnor turn right onto Upper Gills Cliff Road

Top Tip: You should be outside the Ocean View Fish & chip shop, refuel on a traditional seaside meal.

Ventnor - Freshwater (20.1 Miles)

  • Turn right onto Whitwell Road.
  • At Whitwell turn left at the church into Kemming Road towards Niton.
  • At Niton carry on through the one and way system and onto A3055 towards Chale.
  • Continue past Chale and onto Military Road, then turn right onto Southdown Lane towards Atherfield.
  • Turn left onto Atherfield Road, through Atherfield. Turn left onto Samber Hill continuing onto Mill Lane, past the mill and left onto Punthouse Lane.
  • Turn right at the junction onto Wicken Hill Lane and then right on to Broad Lane towards Brighton.
  • Take a left into Brighstone and continue through the village, heading towards Mottistone on the B3399
  • Carry on through Mottiston and then turn left through Brook and re-join the A3055 towards Freshwater. Keep on the A3055 past Freshwater Bay and onto Gate Lane. Turn right onto Victoria Road and then straight on towards Freshwater Village.
  • At the roundabout go across onto Hooke Close
  • Turn right into Church Place

Top Tip: You should have arrived outside the Red Lion Pub, perfect time for an ice cold beverage.

Freshwater - East Cowes (17.6 Miles)

  • Continue down to the Causeway.
  • Turn left onto the Freshwater – Yarmouth cycleway and continue on track to junction with Thorley Road then turn right and carry onto Wellow.
  • In Wellow turn right onto the Wellow Top Road and follow this road straight onto the B3401 into Newbridge.
  • Turn left onto Quarry Lane and carry on to the crossroads.
  • At the crossroads turn left onto Elm Lane towards Shalfleet.
  • When you reach the A3054 turn left and then right towards Newtown.
  • Take the left into Newtown and proceed through the town and on through Porchfield.
  • Carry on this road and turn left at the roundabout onto Rew Street towards Gurnard.
  • Proceed through Gurnard and turn left at the top of Solent View Road down to the seafront and along Egypt Esplanade heading towards Cowes town.
  • At the junction, turn onto Castle Hill and then turn left onto Ward Avenue, (Alternatively, you can walk through Cowes High Street).
  • At the end of the road, turn right onto Park Road and then left onto Victoria Road.
  • At the top of Victoria Road, turn left onto Mill Hill and proceed down the hill to the Cowes Floating Bridge.
  • Ride across on the floating Bridge (For a small fee) and you’re in East Cowes.

For more Island inspiration, see our Explore section. 

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