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a picnic setup with locally produced food and drink

Pack an Isle of Wight Picnic

If you’re going for a picnic on the Isle of Wight, why not pack an Isle of Wight picnic to eat...

From delicious dairy and juicy tomatoes to tangy chutneys and indulgent sweets, the Isle of Wight offers a fine range of locally grown and reared produce perfect for an Island picnic. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a taste of the Island at some of the prettiest viewpoints around.

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Harvey Browns Deli Counter
iow produce
BAKED by Jen
jar of garlic farm mayonnaise


The Lost Mill Bakery

Is there anything better than a warm crusty loaf straight out of the oven lathered in butter, topped with cheese, ham, tomatoes and relish… we think not! The Isle of Wight is privy to a great local bakery scene, with Grace’s Bakery, Scarrots Lane Bakery, The Bakery Bembridge, Artisan, Well Bread, The Kitchen, The Village Bakery, PO41 Yarmouth to name but a few. Whether you’re looking for a soft white farmhouse or a crusty roll, these fine bakers have got the goods. Right opposite the Red Jet Terminal in West Cowes, you’ll find The Lost Mill Bakery – a bread specialist. Choose from their signature sourdough in all shapes and sizes, sea salt focaccia, hearty rye breads, bagels, rolls and more – all made from Isle of Wight Grain flour and free-range eggs from the hens at Wild Oak Farm. To smother on your loaf, why not try Briddlesford Farm’s indulgent butter, Isle of Wight Salted Butter or The Garlic Farm’s Oak Smoked Garlic Butter. Simply delish.


Briddlesford Farm

The Isle of Wight offers an abundance of delicious and locally made cheeses that you’ll be putting straight in your basket. Briddlesford Farm’s cheese selection is made using the rich creamy milk from their beautiful Guernsey heifers, producing a range of fantastic fromage including Briddlesford Red, Gouda, Cheddar, Fetter and an award-winning minted Halloumi. For a new cheesy experience, look no further than the IOW Cheese Company with their range of unique cheeses to the Island. ‘Isle of Wight Soft’ is a sumptuous melty cheese akin to brie or camembert in texture with a delicate flavour. Isle of Wight Blue is naturally blue veined with a subtle twang of stilton, but with a soft and creamy texture – a must try for stinky cheese lovers! And finally there’s Gallybagger, an Isle of Wight signature cheese with similar texture and flavour to cheddar, but better - gallybagger is ‘caulkhead’ for scarecrow! Find these cheeses to buy at farm shops across the Island, and Co-Op stores too.


Harvey Browns

Whether you’re alfresco dining plans consists of thickly sliced ham sandwiches with a tickle of pickle, or a full charcuterie spread on a gingham blanket, you’ll find a great range of locally reared, grass-fed meats to complete your picnic. The IOW Meat Co. supply beef, lamb, pork, chicken and goat to local farm shops and eateries across the Island. From bangers and burgers to rib eye steaks and biltong, there’s a cut to suit all tastes. The family run Wild Oak Farm care for free range chickens, woodland kept pigs and grass fed Belted Galloway cattle, offering a range of home reared meats on sale at their farm shop (complete with café, antiques store, and microbrewery). Briddlesford Farm also offer a range of meat products alongside their famous dairy goods, and Harvey Browns (it’s like a farm shop superstore) stock a good range of meat from farms big and small across the Isle of Wight. You’ll also find the best sausage roll in the world right here on the Island (as proclaimed by Chef James Martin), available at WW Woodford & Sons butcher in Bembridge.


Captain Stan's Bembridge Fish Store

Surrounded by water, there’s no better place to enjoy fresh fish than on the Isle of Wight. From freshly caught scallops sold by the kilo to delicious Bembridge crab, you’ll find a seafood feast at the local fish monger. Captain Stan’s Bembridge Fish Store, Ventnor Fish Haven, JB’s Isle of Wight Seafood Company, and Island Fish are all independent fishmongers across the Island and supplied with the catch of the day by local fishermen. Produce on offer is often seasonal, with Ventnor and Bembridge Crab, Seabass and Scallops being some of the Island’s best catch. Doorstop crab sandwiches are an Isle of Wight staple, best enjoyed with a sparkling sea view, while another Island delicacy worthy of your hamper is the Isle of Wight Crab Pasty. Delicious locally caught crab seasoned with pepper and spring onions wrapped in a flakey pastry case served warm – available from the Crab Shed at Steep Hill Cove. 


Godshill Orchards (Godshill Cherries)

No picnic would be complete without a little garnish and picky bits. With all the bread, cheese, and meats being consumed, Godshill Cherries are the perfect palette cleanser. Isle of Wight Honey is a delicious natural sweet treat, either drizzled on bread or with cheese - why not add a little Isle of Wight Salt to your butter or honey for a sweet and savoury combo.  You’ll find a huge range of chutneys, relish, and dressings from The Garlic Farm for smothering on cheese. For fruit and vegetables, a visit to Farmhouse Fayre or Hunts Fruit & Vegetables is a must, with heaps of fresh produce to choose from. Choose from a range of delicious fruit compotes from the Isle of Wight Jam Company. And of course, Isle of Wight Tomatoes are a must. Available in all shapes and sizes in vivid colours of red, orange, green and yellow, IOW Tomatoes are some of the juiciest and sweetest around thanks to the impeccable growing conditions here on the Island. Perhaps you’re looking for something a little indulgent to tuck into after your savoury, Baked by Jen, Richmond’s Bakery, Peach Zero Waste Vegan Café, as well as all of the bakeries mentioned above, offer an opulent range of baked goods to satisfy a sweet tooth – from gooey brownies and creamy Portuguese tarts, to elegant tiered cakes and melt in the mouth French financiers. There’s even something for your four-legged friend, with homemade dog treats made right here by Buddy Bix and Snootbox and grain free hypoallergenic dog and cat food available from Simply Jaspers.


Adgestone Vineyard - Something Blue

An Isle of Wight picnic would not be complete without a signature local tipple to wash it down. The Isle of Wight Distillery is most famous for Mermaid Gin, a deliciously fragrant long drink using Island botanicals and samphire to create its distinct flavour. Choose from the original gin, pink gin and Mermaid Zesty flavoured with citrus. The distillery also produces a Mermaid Vodka laced with Island rock salt and a warming and sweet Mermaid Spiced Rum infused with local honey and fruits. Alternatively, you’ll find a range of gins at the Isle of Wight Gin Company, and a syrupy spiced rum from the Barnacle Brothers. For beer and ale lovers, you’re spoiled for choice with a wide selection of bottled brews produced by the local Goddards Brewery, from the popular Fuggle de Dum Beer to Quarr Abbey Ale, a strong and fully bodied sweet hoppy ale inspired by the Benedictine Monks who live there. Adgestone Vineyard have been producing wine on the Island for over 50 years, the Med-like temperatures and sunlight hours making for excellent wine growing. Six wine grapes are grown on side of Brading Downs, producing award winning red, white and rose wines – as well as “Something Blue”, a unique bright blue (all natural) English Sparkling wine.