Confessions of a Chocoholic

It’s a pretty well-known fact that diets go out the window when you’re on holiday, and so they should! You’ve worked hard all year and your break away is a treat; a time to let your hair down and indulge a little. Luckily for you, the Isle of Wight is home to some delicious treats and chocolatey goodness, so if you’re a self-declared chocoholic looking for some hidden beauties, here are my top recommendations.

Head to Chocolate Apothecary in Ryde for pick and mix chocs and truffles. You’ll find a whole cabinet full of perfectly formed, bite sized treats in flavours ranging from salted caramel to rum and coconut; each one held together by a delicious coat of chocolate. But Chocolate Apothecary isn’t just a place to pop in and out of. It’s a cosy little café too, so not only can you buy treats to take away, you can also relax and enjoy a drink before you leave. I cannot leave this place without first enjoying a cup of their milky, white hot chocolate, complete with cream and marshmallows. Chocolate Apothecary is open all year round so you’ll always find an excuse to pop in.


If you’re in Shanklin, a stroll along the seafront will lead you to Toppings ice cream parlour where you’ll be truly spoilt for choice when it comes to chocolate flavours. Mint choc chip, white chocolate with honeycomb crunch and orange chocolate crisp are just some of the flavours on offer; all beautifully displayed in a long cabinet that treats your eyes as well as your stomach. Toppings is open most of the year, so even on a grey day these flavours will cheer you up. Last time I went, I opted for a Rocky Road.


For those of you who love the sweet taste of fudge, get yourself to Slab artisan fudge in Cowes for some delicious, homemade portions of this traditional holiday snack. Slab is a gorgeous little boutique shop that sells all sorts of flavours of fudge including chocolate orange, white chocolate and raspberry and, if you’re feeling super-sweet-toothed, the ultimate - Death by Chocolate. Slab takes orders online all year round and will deliver your treats in eco-friendly packaging so you can still indulge even if you’re not visiting the Island this year. Check out the range of vegan flavours on offer as well.


Are you even a chocoholic if you haven’t been to Chocolate Island in Godshill? This shop is a must if you’re looking for gift ideas, souvenirs and a general one-stop shop for chocolate on the Island. Choose from the selection of truffles, treat yourself to a good old solid block of milk, white or dark chocolate or pick a giant lollipop. You can even enjoy zero-calorie items in the form of cuddly toys, fridge magnets and wall hangings. Chocolate Island’s café is currently closed due to Covid 19, but the shop is open all year round for some sugary goodness whenever you visit.


If you’re over in Yarmouth, you won’t struggle to find a chocolatey treat in PO41 Coffee House. This cosy little coffee shop is the ideal place to grab a coffee to go with a traditional chocolate brownie or even a wedge of chocolate and banana cake. The shop has a cute little letter box built into the outside wall so next time you’re sending post cards from the Isle of Wight, pop in and say hello to the friendly team.


There’s always somewhere to find top quality chocolate on the Island but you can still be inspired online if you can’t wait. Chocolate mousse with black garlic strawberries, anyone? An unusual recipe brought to you by the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm. Or try your hand at these chocolate rum truffles by Farmer Jack’s. The chocolatey goodness is endless!


Written by the local Queen of Chocolate, Nicola Roberton