Land, Sea & Air

For hundreds of years people have been venturing to the Isle of Wight, exploring the land, fishing the sea and flying in the air, so imagine our sheer excitement when we had the opportunity to work with some truly wonderful properties on land, in the water and up in the air!

Like all great explorers you will need to set up camp, with somewhere to rest your head, catch your breath and take the weight off your feet (keeping them firmly on dry land). So, picture this, rolling countryside, an abundance of hills and views of the sea, you can hear the mooing in the distance and amongst all this, is the safari tent!

Now before we go all David Livingstone on you, having you think of a tent in the jungle surrounded by cows, I would just like to point out, this is nothing but pure luxury glamping.  You have just about everything you need to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay. To be honest, glamping doesn’t get much better than a memory foam mattress, oh wait, it does when some of the safari tents include a hot tub –blissful glamping all round for the entire family. Find out more here

Ok, so maybe you’re tired of land – maybe you want to raise the bar for holiday snaps! No problem, Red Funnel Holidays has a superb solution, how about a house boat?

No pressure, you don’t need to be a captain or live in a life jacket – you do however have to walk on-board POEM 25 and enjoy this truly unique and exciting floating home. This former Hull Lighter Barge is moored in the beautiful harbour of Bembridge and can sleep up to 9 people!

I know what you’re thinking….’I can’t be dealing with being cramped up in a boat’ well, you could not be more wrong, not only is POEM 25 incredibly stylish, it’s spacious too. It has 4 sleeping cabins, a lovely open plan living space, plus access to the bow and stern decks for some outside view gazing!

So what do you think? Pretty cool and it’s certainly ‘that holiday’ that all ages will love and remember! Find out more here

I always find that whenever people visit somewhere interesting or new, such as a quirky town or historic building, they never look up! Marvellous things can be found in the air, hidden architecture, wildlife, all sorts – and that is true with our next holiday gem, in fact to find this place, you need to look up!

How about a holiday up in the air in a treehouse! This is perfect for an adventurous family or those who seek a secluded hideaway.

The treehouse is split into two pods, one is the living pod and the other a sleeping pod, joined together by decking. Nothing says natures’ retreat like rope ladders, swings, outdoor games, puzzles, books, BBQ’s, red squirrels to spot and open space to explore, who wouldn’t love a chance to relax in this environment?

Find out more here

 So, what will it be? A hike to the hills of Tapnell to find peace and relaxation from a safari tent, be captain of the boat and board the fabulous POEM 25 or maybe hide in the trees and get back to nature at ‘Into the woods’. The choice is yours, but what will it be, land, sea or air?