Would you like anything for the weekend, Sir?

Having recently moved to a new house a little closer to Newport, my attention was drawn to a new barbershop opened in Carisbrooke (No.51 High St).

The Island has a number of Turkish barbers and I have tried most of them as their style of cutting and attention to detail (especially with beards) is unsurpassed. 

Adam’s Barber purported to be a ‘traditional Turkish Barbers’ so I thought I would give him a try. My beard was looking particularly ‘scraggy’ and hair (what is left of it), a little unkempt – perhaps in keeping with a man of the sea, however, it was time for a cut, lower my ears if you wish. 

I was greeted with a big smile and asked my preference. “Grade 2 at the sides and a tidy on top” was my reply, with an addition of making my beard look “more appealing and less weathered”. 

Adam went straight to work on the topsides and the beard left until last, with proper shaving cream to tidy up the contours and with a cut throat razor. The ears were then treated with the traditional burning of the external ear hair, whilst also placing some green wax type gel on cocktail sticks and putting them in my ears for 10 minutes to harden, one assumed to remove the inner ear hair. I have to admit that did smart a little when removed with much speed, but I did notice a marked improvement in my hearing and of course less hirsute trumpets!

Finally, after much neat alcohol being splashed over my face (which also smarted a bit – but very refreshing!) a head, arm, neck and finger massage and hot towel to finish off. 

The price - £22 pounds, for an hour and a half in the chair. Not bad by my reckoning and a proper Father’s Day present for the discerning dad!

So if you are visting the Isle of Wight and fancy a bit of male grooming (aka pampering) - go and book yourself a hot towel shave at one of the many Turkish Barbers across the Island.

keyfini çıkarın 



Adam’s Barber Shop - 51, Carisbrooke High St, Newport, PO30 1NR, 01983 472928

Efes Barber - 90 St James' St, Newport, PO30 1LB, 07448 924628  

                       94 High St, Newport, PO30 1BQ, 07469 255176

Istanbul Turkish Barbers - Shanklin, PO37 6JY

Fez Turkish Barber - 50 High St, Ventnor, PO38 1LT, 07982 382133

Karizma Traditional Turkish Barber Ryde - 13 John St, Ryde, PO33 2PY

Or go Moroccan…

Legzira Barbers - 10 Scarrots Ln, Newport, PO30 1JD, 01983 716807