Time for Tea with Tallulah

Tallulah the amazing dancing dog does not get a great many invitations to afternoon tea, so it was on with the pearls and off to the Albert Cottage Hotel in East Cowes when she did. And that was just her, although obviously I wore mine to match. 

The whole event arose from an April Fool on the part of the Albert Cottage who posted a fictitious ‘doggy afternoon tea’ as a joke and then got inundated with requests for them. So much so that they decided that they would offer VIP Paws for Afternoon Teas alongside their Traditional Afternoon Teas and Sparkling Afternoon Teas – of course you do have to have at least one adult with every Very Important Pet.

We are talking dogs only here mind – the arrival of a cat might add a very different dimension to the proceedings.

After the initial confusion over whether or not these teas actually existed, my editor at myisleofwight.com decided that we bloggers ought to go for a doggy tea photo shoot with our darlings and the very talented Mr Julian Winslow.

So this was how Spike the Rizler with his owner Marianne Su-Yin , Missy the Golden Retriever and Mrs B, Meadow the German Shorthaired Pointer with The Master Mariner and Talullah the long-legged Jack Russell and myself found ourselves on the lawns of the Albert Cottage Hotel one sunny day.

Talullah wore her long set of pearls – well they’re mine really. And they kept coming off. I spent a lot of time trailing around after her, reattaching the pearl necklace. But she was quite a star – everyone wanted a shot of the dog in pearls.

The doggy teas were in special tiered bowl stands – just like real human high teas – and had three different ‘courses’. On the bottom was wet dog food (a very upmarket brand), on the middle tier were savoury biscuits and treats and on the top tier were sweet dog biscuits – they were the first casualties of course. Also on the table was doggy popcorn and there was even doggy beer!

But before they could tuck in we first had to get the photos of the dogs and their teas. And getting everyone to pose was a nightmare – the dogs kept wandering off or looking the wrong way. Talullah had to be placed on a big furry cushion to reach the table and Missy was not going to sit on the chair. After a few minutes one or two of the pooches got far too interested in the food on offer, not surprisingly.

We moved them onto the grass, which was much easier, although they would not look at the camera. The fact that Julian got a photo of them all vaguely looking in the right direction was a miracle.

Then we had our afternoon tea accompanied by our dogs, which was a bit more successful, although the lure of the large garden with its mature trees was a temptation. Later we ran around the garden throwing the huge fir cones from the Macrocarpa trees for the dogs to fetch. There were a few ‘accidents’ but all were cleared away (you do have to bring your own doggy bags for such eventualities).

All in all it was a very successful afternoon and I’m sure the dog teas are proving very popular. They are only going to be available for the summer months so if you want take your furry friend for one you’d better get booked up.

Lady Penelope

24 August 2017

By Lady Penelope in The locals' blogs