Spike's Guide to the Best Doggie Beaches

Dog friendly beaches can be found all around the Island so I'm going to share a few of my favourite spots, all 100% canine tested of course.

Brook Beach, West Wight.

My favourite wild beach in the West Wight along the Military Road. I can go here all year round. It has parking and a wide slipway provides easy access. Once on the large sandy beach I like to turn right towards Compton to search out fossilised dinosaur footprints on mid to low tides. There is plenty of space to run around and bark loudly and usually lots of other doggies to make friends with too.

Reeth Bay at Castlehaven, Niton.

A wonderful hidden gem at the most Southerly tip of the Island next to St Catherines lighthouse. It's a downhill walk along a narrow track and parking is limited. I like to start from the Buddle Inn then follow the road and track towards Castlehaven. On a low tide the beach has lots of sand and rockpools to investigate. It can be tricky reaching the bay as you need to walk across rocks which are sometimes slippery, but that doesn't bother me!

Seagrove Bay, Seaview to St Helens Beach.

Probably one of my most exciting walks as I get to explore beaches and woods at the same time. On a low tide I start at Seagrove Bay in Seaview then head right around the headland.The next beach is the privately owned Priory Bay. Here I go straight into the National Trust owned Priory Woods and follow the woodland footpath round to St Helens beach. It's a big walk through rural trails but worth it for the views and dog friendly beaches at the start and finish.

Dunroamin Beach, Lake

Lots of the big sandy family beaches restrict dogs during the summer but Dunroamin beach, also known as Lake beach doesn't! Located between Sandown and Shanklin I can reach it from the top of the cliff path at Lake, or by paw via Shanklin and Sandown Esplanades. It's a lovely sandy beach with pretty beach huts and benches situated along the sea wall path and I can go here all year round.

Woodside Bay, Wootton Creek

Another top secret locals spot with no doggy restrictions! Woodside Bay is located on the Western side of Wootton Creek. The North shores both sides of the Creek are Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty with plenty of woodland footpaths to explore and sniff. I do need to be careful of the birdlife as Woodside Bay is a Special Protection Area of wetland and wildlife habitat, but there are plenty of sticks for chasing on the beach instead.