Sharing is Caring – new menu tasting at Three Buoys

The Wife and I were lucky enough to be invited along the other night to sample the new menu from the clever chaps over at Three Buoys in Ryde. Having discovered this little gem located above the beach at Appley a few years ago when the American in laws were over, it’s been on our top 5 list for a special meal ever since. So we understandably very excited to see what culinary surprises they had in store for us.

Their new menu follows a fab ethos that is all about sharing dishes. With an array of fish, vegetable and meat dishes on offer, you select a few to start with and gently graze your way through the menu. The wife and I thought this was a wonderful idea – no more fighting over the slow cooked pork belly or worrying you’d made the wrong choice and were missing out on something more scrummy.

Looking over the menu we wanted to order it all but started with some smoked and spiced nuts and marinated olives, before opting for two fish dishes, succulent scallops with rhubarb – which still had plenty of bite and acidity to complement the scallops -  and cod loin with duck fat chips, which came with crushed tarragon peas and was absolutely fantastic.

The staff were incredibly knowledgeable about each dish as they presented it – citing the provenance and cooking techniques used, really enhancing the whole dining experience.

Determined to try as many dishes as we could we then plumped for the lamb with red cabbage and salsify (each mouthful was like a concentrated mouthful of the perfect roast lamb) and cured pork belly with parsnip and quince (again just such a fantastic flavour combination).

As a palate cleanser we tried the pickled turnip beetroot and goats curd salad – which was just ingenious – the plate was literally licked clean!

By this point we were beginning to feel a little stuffed but couldn’t resist when the dessert menu was brought out. Now here the sharing for us had to stop – as the Wife doesn’t eat any dairy – so I got to have a whole pud to myself. I opted for the cryptically named Chocolate, Tarragon, Cherries which turned out to be a magic creation of a chocolate delice consisting of a dark chocolate ganache with tarragon running through it to give it a liquorice flavour. This was complemented by a cherry gel, white chocolate fudge and home made honeycomb.

The Wife was in heaven when she was told they had a vegan cheesecake on the menu - a date and almond base topped with a cashew, coconut oil, agave syrup and lime mixture which was whipped into almost a butter consistency. It was so delicious she didn’t speak for a whole 10 minutes – bliss!

Sharing the dishes in this way creates a unique dining experience that is much more hands on and encourages a much more relaxed ambiance while eating. This is definitely one to visit this autumn, go in the early evening and catch the sunsets out on the balcony with one of their fantastic cocktails in hand. Enjoy!

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8 October 2017

By The Master Mariner in The locals' blogs