Running with your Dog! Final part 3 of your Couch to 5K plan

If you are following this series then you are about to complete the Couch to 5K program so well done to you and your dog.

Over the last three weeks you will be slowly increasing your run time to achieve 30 minutes which will take you your 5K goal.

Our trainers tips include ways to keep you motivated or how to get involved with organised dog runs and dog running sports. Well done and keep going!

For visitors to the Island there are lots of running events throughout the year and we have a dedicated running shop in Newport should you need any equipment or specialist human running support. Hop over to their website to see what's going on on the Island through out the year


5 minute brisk walk to warm up followed by:

25 minutes of running

5 minute walk to cool down

Dog friendly Isle of Wight run East Wight: Ryde seafront to Appley. Plenty of parking at Appley beach. Although Ryde beach has restrictions on dogs from May to September, once past Appley Tower the beach is open for dogs all year round. The beach is great to visit on low tides as there is plenty of space for dogs to run around and bark as much as they want!

Trotting Dog tip: As your dog will be running without stopping you may want to extend the warm up to allow toilet time. We have off lead run around time first for sniffing and dog business so when we clip on and go they are calm and know we are on the move.

Trainers running tip: To help keep you motivated as you come towards the end of your program think about joining a running club. Have a look around your local area to see if you can join a group, often there are different runs for all levels and it's a great way to keep you going.  




5 minute brisk walk to warm up followed by:

28 minutes of running

5 minute walk to cool down

Dog friendly Isle of Wight run West Wight: Yarmouth to Freshwater and back along the old railway line. Park at Off the Rails cafe in Yarmouth then follow the flat route along the river Yar, a popular dog walking cycle path. There are lots of wild birds along the banks so you may need to keep your dog on a lead if they are not wildlife friendly. 

Trotting Dog Tip: If you and your dog are really loving your new activity and you want to set a great canine challenge then find out more about Canicross, the sport of running with your dog. Cani-fit explains how the sport works and where events are held around the UK.

Trainers running tip:Invest in some running shoes. Visit a specialist shop if you can to check your running style and get properly fitted. By now you might have an idea of what kind of running you prefer, maybe off road trails or predominantly pavements and roads, so can choose a trainer to suit your running style.




5 minute brisk walk warm up followed by:

30 minutes of running

5 minute walk to cool down

Dog friendly Isle of Wight run: Newport to Cowes. This historical railway line is now a cycle path and perfect for running. Taking you along the Medina Estuary you can start in Cowes or Newport, the full distance is around 4.5 miles so we do a turnaround at our halfway time point. Visit for details on parking and access. 

Trotting Dog Tip:You've got this far and have all the tools to stay motivated so how about setting a new distance target. There are lots of 5K to 10K apps you can follow or for a bit of fund take part in a Dogjog a series of 5K dog run events around the country.

Trainers tip: Geek out and get yourself a running watch to track your distance or time and set personal goals. There are lots of options out there so you can see how you run. We use a Garmin Foreunner to monitor distance, elevation and speed and compare fitness throughout the year.

You've done it! Keep going and remember so share your dog run pictures with us on social media tagged #myisleofwight.

If you don't have a hands free running leash and harness check out ours at

Marianne & Spike

11 October 2018

By Marianne Su-Yin in The locals' blogs