Promenading along the Bay

It has been gorgeous weather but many of us are at work during most of it and when you get home, sometimes you just feel too tired and feel like the day has been spent. But one early evening I looked out at the remaining sun and heat of the evening and thought I’d get out for a walk.



But I wanted to get to the seaside this time, instead of my regular country walk. I was on my own and thought I’d do a walk I’d be wanting to do for ages. A simple walk from Sandown Pier to Shanklin promenade. And so, I ventured out with camera over my shoulder, new shorts and trainers on, and went out for a walk on a gorgeous summer evening.

The walk was wonderful. There’s something about the end of the day, as dusk approaches. You see families who have been on the beach all day packing up their buckets and spades, dressing the children, sometimes a family of friends who rent beach huts might be out, with blankets around their shoulders, a bbq on, the kids playing on long boards. There’s also rows of brightly painted of beach huts on various stretches of the walk, most with pun-like names like ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hut’!

I love watching the silhouettes of people walking along the shoreline, dogs rushing into the water, a man looking for dropped coins with his metal detector.

The walk is flat and very easy for children with bikes and also for pushing prams. When you reach Shanklin you can stop for an ice cream if it’s not too late as usually there’s somewhere open, then head back to Sandown. Or what I like to do is climb the steps up to the top of the cliff at Shanklin (the steps look over the main carpark next to the fun park and crazy golf). When you are on the cliff path you can then walk back and get great panoramic views of the Bay out to Culver as you head back to Sandown. I walked past the newly renovated cliff lift and then a gentle slope down back to the promenade along to Sandown pier, or you can continue along the coastal path along the cliff and rejoin the promenade by the steps just before Sandown pier.

It’s one of those walks you don’t need a map for and you can go the way you feel at the time. I’m so glad I did it because I felt like the whole day wasn’t wasted. I now always try and find time for a walk along the coast on warm sunny evenings and I hope you can to.

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

7 June 2018

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs