Just My Type

Being a writer and publisher myself, I am very very fond of fonts. They are just my type. All types of fonts, and type and printing and I get very excited about traditional printing methods even though I spend a vast proportion of my life at a computer creating books that will be produced by big electronic printing machines.

It’s fortunate then that there is a little independent printing press based at Jubilee Stores called Lazy Dog Press (www.thelazydogpress.com) which is run a very passionate lady called Kae. She has a number of original letter press printing machines including a wonderful old restored 1890 hand-fed ‘ARAB’ printing press, as well as a proofing press used in newspaper printing.  

What I found wonderful was all the draws of type, in various point sizes and fonts, either wooden blocks or lead. Kae showed me some giant pots of lead type that had recently been donated from the monks at Quarr Abbey who used to have printing presses, but still offer book bindery services.

Lazy Dog Press also specialises in book binding and offers a range of courses, including basic letterpress printing so you can book in on a course and make some hand-made Christmas cards this year to really impress your friends, or perhaps take back a really original hand printed present from the Island if you are here on an autumn break.

To book a course contact Kae at Lazy Dog Press via the website.

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

23 October 2018

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs