In search of Fairies… in the Enchanted Forest

myIsleofWight blogger The Master Mariner discovers that fairies do exist and are alive and well and living in the beautiful woodland around Mottistone on the Isle of Wight.

One thing you learn as the father of daughters is that Fairies do in fact exist… and sometimes you have to go and feed them.

That is how a grown man finds himself standing in the bluebell-carpeted wood of Mottistone gardens shouting; ‘I do believe in fairies, I do I do’ at the top of his voice, with his little believers.

The walk up towards the Longstone behind Mottistone Manor is one of the prettiest walks there is at this time of year, and perfect due to the gradual incline for little legs. But the best bit is along the way you pass a multitude of Fairy hollows, holes and slides to explore.

Daddy: ‘Fairy slides???’


Eadie: ‘Where they slide of course Daddy’

Of course.

So, we made our way up through The Enchanted Forest (as known to all the children living in our Hamlet) scattering pink smarties in our wake and hoping that the Fairies would indeed come and take these offerings before some unsuspecting woodland creature choked on them.

Our next visit from the Fairies will be at Easter I am told, when the Easter Fairies (a completely different genus to the Tooth or Woodland variety apparently), will come and leave a magical Easter egg trail around Mottistone gardens on the Isle of Wight.

And of course, if they happen to forget, we can always nip along to Mottistone Manor on Easter Sunday where with the help of the National Trust Fairies an egg hunt happens every year.

Then maybe we can stop by and see the Mottistone Manor Farm Shop Fairies and grab some of their delicious locally grazed Aberdeen Angus beef to take back and give to the Aga Fairies to cook up for our Easter lunch.

Thank goodness for all these Fairies, is all I can say.