If You Go Down to the Woods Today

If you go down to the woods today you will be in for a big surprise. The wood in question being Borthwood Copse, near Apse Heath. I went for one of my perennial bluebell walks the other day in one of my favourite Island woods. 

It’s always a pleasure to walk in the wood around May time and immediately be greeted by the sea of bluebells. The smell hits you in some of the deeper areas of the wood and I often stop to take a picture, a close up of a real genuine ancient bluebell.

You can tell it’s the real thing when you see the bells of the flower all droop over one side. Beware of the foreign Spanish imposters often seen in gardens or increasingly on the verges and apparently creeping into woodlands and starting to dominate. I would encourage you not to plant these types and instead visit ancient woodlands like Borthwood, all managed by the National Trust, to see the real deal.

So, there I was walking along when I looked up to see sheep, not just one but several, and goats too, grazing amongst bluebells. The goats got up and put their hind legs on tree trunks to nibble buds from hanging branches. I just sat and watched as this woodland flock quietly munched away, mostly ignoring me. I assumed they were from the nearby small holding on the edge of the wood where a lady keeps a whole range of birds, from chickens to rescued owls.

It’s still not too late to get out to a local wood and enjoy the flowers before the gorgeous bluebell blue fades from the wood until next year.

Find out more about Borthwood Copse at the National Trust Website. 

Philip Bell Author Photo by Chris Cowley

31 May 2018

By Philip Bell in The locals' blogs