Horsing around on the Island…

With a lot of friends who own horses but never having ridden, Jas was really thrilled to finally get the chance to ride today. Chaz is a bit intimidated by horses and wasn’t keen on riding. He says they can be a bit ‘crafty’. He is much happier behind the camera anyway so was more than willing to film Jas on Jack. 

Jack is a 16hh chestnut warmblood, a school master who loves jumping and blood hounding too. Being on such a calm and experienced horse, made Jas feel so safe that, watching the video, you would never guess she hadn’t ridden before. When I asked her how she looked so natural she said it was all down to Charlie the owner being so helpful and kind. Charlie and Jack even made Chaz feel comfortable enough to get some really good close ups. What a good teacher she must be. Why not see for yourself and book her for a lesson on Facebook.

Hot Totties

5 June 2017

By Hot Totties in The locals' blogs