Chale Car Boot

If you ever find yourself trying to drive through Chale and down the Military Road out west on a weekend or bank holiday, only to find yourself in a queue of cars, then there's either a tractor on the road or it's Chale Car Boot!

If it's the latter, don't fight it, just go with the flow, and pull into Chale Recreation Ground for the biggest and most vibrant car boot sale on the Isle of Wight.

This ever-popular and friendly car boot sale is somewhat of a social event for locals, who catch up with each other whilst wandering through row upon row of tables, the promise of bargains on a beautiful cliff-top setting drawing even the most hardened hermits out to play.

We generally start at the top and work our way down, a process which took a full hour on Easter Monday, as it was so massive.

I love a bargain, but not so much as to leap up early and get out to all the car boots, so the Chale car boot is perfect for me - just down the road, and starting at 9.30/10am, it allows for a more leisurely start.

It's popular with sellers too, as they have strict rules which stop people rummaging through sellers’ cars before the sale has started (apparently such things happen)!

All funds raised go towards the upkeep and improvement of the Recreation ground itself which is owned by a village charity. The charity is trying to raise sufficient funds to build team sport changing facilities.

Chale Recreation Ground is a brilliant local facility, open to all, and we often go there for a game of football or frisbee, whilst others fly remote-controlled helicopters and planes there too. Why not go and fly a kite and then pop into The Wight Mouse (opposite) for a drink or a bite to eat afterwards?

If you fancy checking out one of the car boots, the dates for the sales are posted on their Facebook page, or in the Weekender supplement of the County Press. They are generally on Bank Holiday Mondays and the occasional Sunday throughout the summer.

My last haul at Chale car boot sale included some wicker baskets, blue and green patterned glass bottles and an amazing, massive, crochet blanket.

Happy bargain hunting everyone!

Liz Cooke

18 May 2016

By Liz Cooke in The locals' blogs