Brian May plays IoW Festival Fender

I happened to be standing right next to the silver bullet style Airstream trailer that Fender had in the Artist Village backstage when Brian May dropped by to try out a couple of guitars.

First he picked up the IW Festival painted Fender that was right outside the door and the Fender crew invited him inside to have a play on it. After playing a few riffs on the gaily painted axe that has been played at past IW Festivals by, amongst others, Paolo Nuttini, Brian chose to try out another Fender Stratocaster (modelled here by Adam from Fender). I was itching to take a photo through the window at the end of the airstream but I felt it would be too intrusive. So we just stood and listened to Brian May playing to us.

Well I know it wasn’t actually to us, but it felt that way. By the time Brian emerged from the trailer the entire photographic crew from the press tent were there to welcome him, like a pack of salivating animals. ”Where did you come from?” said Brian with a wry smile. I kept my distance – a lady knows how to behave. He was perfectly polite, as he always is, and did pose for them. But not with the guitar!

Brian later played a blinding set with Queen and Adam Lambert, including a stunning solo guitar on top of a podium that rose from the floor of the stage.

Lady Penelope

20 June 2016

By Lady Penelope in The locals' blogs