A day in Utopia

I’ve been using the Melville Hall Hotel swimming pools since I moved back the Isle of Wight in 2000 with my family. After it became Utopia Spa, in the mid noughties, I used it less. But this is an oversight that I intend to rectify over the next few months as I spent a spa day there recently and it was heaven.

The deal was on offer through The Price is Wight and I went with my friend – Lady Sally. We got two mini treatments, lunch and use of the indoor and outdoor pools, the Jacuzzis and the sauna and detox box. Plus we had their white fluffy robes, towelling slippers and big white towels.

Lady Sally had never been to Utopia, so it was lovely to be able to show her the facilities. I love the way that the indoor pool looks out over the fields to the downs. And you can sit in the Jacuzzi at the shallow end and look out of the pool to ceiling windows. Plus we had the whole area to ourselves when we got there – I like a private pool.

We’d pre booked our treatments, and were having a facial each and our nails done. But I, of course, changed mine to toenails and finger nails, because I am that sort of lady – it’s one of the prerogatives of the job you know. Utopia could not have been more accommodating however, nothing was too much trouble.

Blue toenails and blue fingernails, the latter with gold glitter over the top on the ring and thumb nails. It’s the fashion apparently. I was having them done for a Ball I was arranging and attending shortly afterwards. And although I had to redo the finger nails (it was three weeks later) the toenails are still going strong.

Lunch was tasty salads. I had prosciutto ham salad and Lady Sally had Caesar salad, accompanied by a fresh berry smoothie in her case and a fresh green juice that involved mint and ginger for me. Delish.

Afterwards we relaxed in the outdoor Jacuzzi and I even took a swim in the outdoor pool. It was early May but pretty warm and there’s one of those high pressure water jets. Both pools are black, which looks quite strange, but means that they retain and attract the heat of the sun. The Jacuzzi outside is HUGE. You can swim around in it.

We lazed on the sunloungers, and I tried out one of their circular lounger beds. We ordered afternoon tea and cake. It was all very lady-like.

I loved it so much that I took my daughter back there a few days later and we sat in the outdoor Jacuzzi whilst it rained. You can’t book the British weather after all. But being in a swimming pool sized Jacuzzi in the rain was rather lush I have to say.

Lady Penelope

2 July 2017

By Lady Penelope in The locals' blogs