10 Best Free Activities on the Island

Planning a trip to the Isle of Wight and want a few things to do that won't break the bank? Then checkout our list of free things to see and do on the Island during your visit.

1. Walk the cliffs at Brook and explore the landslides

Every winter sees the coast around the Island erode further - but the most noticeable area for landslides is the 'back of the Wight' - the Island's south coast that is mainly clay and so is washed into the sea each year.

2. Fly a kite on Ryde sands

The beach at Ryde is long, sandy and perfect for a spot of kite flying when the tide is out. From small family kites to massive power kites, the endless space and sky above is all you need to fill a fun few hours.

3. Listen to the Monks sing Gregorian chant at Quarr Abbey

Home to the Island's community of Benedictine monks, Quarr Abbey is a wonderful place to visit, sit awhile and contemplate life, and listen to the monks uplifting Gregorian chanting of hymns and psalms, which permeate around the church during the daily seven services. Browse the book shop or pop into the cafe and enjoy something delicious and homemade while you're there.

4. Take in the art exhibitions in Quay Arts in Newport

Quay Arts in Newport, the Island's capital town, is a wonderful spot to grab a cuppa and a slice of cake and take in some truly fabulous work by local artists. There are different exhibitions throughout the year and a fab shop to browse for great gift ideas.

5. Search for vintage treasures in Ventnor

Ventnor is the place for a spot of vintage shopping - from antique and collectable shops for that unusual find, to bespoke Vintage emporiums such as Oh So Vintage in Pier Street.

6. Go on a free guided walk during the Isle of Wight Walking Festival

The biggest walking festival in the UK, the Isle of Wight Walking Festival takes place every May and a further weekend in October. The festival boasts over 200 guided walks, taking in a range of themes, from nature and heritage to speed dating (which has had some great successes and even a wedding or two).

7. Take part in a local carnival

The Island has more than 15 carnivals throughout the year. The main traditional ones take you back to a era of floats and carnival queens, but spiced up with some modern Notting Hill-esqe costumes. Some carnival activities take place on the water and there are torchlit processions that can be joined in with too.

8. Go foraging for some wild food

The Island has a wide menu of wild food that can be foraged from wild garlic and berries to prawns, crabs and sea kale. Make sure not to wander onto private property though when on your foraging mission!

9. Take part in a free National Trust event

The National Trust always has a stonking line up of free events across the Island from nature walks to exhibitions. They are also the custodians for acres of the Island's finest downland and heritage coastline that can all be explored and enjoyed for free!

10. Search for fossils on the Island's beaches

Renowned as a Mecca for dinosaur hunters from across the globe many new species of dinosaur have been discovered in the cliff falls on the Island – with new fossils being uncovered on a daily basis. Fossil Hunting walks are a must when visiting the Island – and led by a resident palaeontologist guarantee you will leave with a prehistoric treasure in your pocket.

Search Image - Red Funnel

25 May 2016

By Alix Robinson in Articles