Wight Well-being



  1. A good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterised by health, happiness, and prosperity.

Now, we totally get it, life is busy, sometimes manic and often you have other people to worry about!!  Having said that, it’s very important to partake in a little self- care every now and again and we think the Isle of Wight is the perfect location to take a break and make sure you’re taking care of you!

In our opinion getting yourself to a place of satisfactory well-being can be achieved by a whole variety of activities and if you like the idea of this….keep reading...

Escape the norm

No matter what your daily routine, it’s always good to break the mould and mix it up every now and again, start off by visiting somewhere new… (maybe a diamond shaped Island down South?!)

Stay somewhere luxurious!

Let someone else take care of the bed making and breakfast at this peaceful, elegant and rather charming five-star Country House called The Leconfield. Not only will you be welcomed by truly wonderful hosts, but you’ll simply fall in love with the surroundings! You need only sit in the conservatory for a minute before you are completely captivated by the sea views. Your sea-facing room will be nothing short of perfection, after all you deserve the very best!

We’ll let the photo’s do the talking….

Stay somewhere rural

So maybe you’re a little bit more country and your idea of total relaxation is staying in a delightful self-catering traditional cottage on a working farm?

Here you have it… why not pick one of these….

You are guaranteed spectacular landscape views (unless it’s super foggy) and what’s even better is how much fresh air you’re going to get while you’re exploring the farm!! You’ll also be pleased to know that Nettlecombe Farm offer a range of activities on-site including Yoga and Pilates and massage therapy!

Breathe Flow Let Go

Why not join Helen on the mat at Nettlecombe Farm for some gentle exercises and stretches? Connect mind and body with breathing techniques for relaxation. Enjoy the aromas of essential oils and learn massage and massage techniques (fully clothed of course)!!

Get to the spa

Nothing says total bliss like a trip to the spa!! With a range of treatments, expert therapists and beautiful woodland surroundings, I think it’s safe to say that Woodside spa in Wootton Bridge will leave you feeling fabulous, relaxed and rejuvenated! Wellbeing goal achieved!!

 Eat well

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had a tasty meal I’m happy!! So while you’re on the Island head to The Garlic Farm Restauarant and indulge in a hearty, garlicy breakfast, tasty lunch or delicious dinner!! Don’t forget garlic has some fabulous health benefits too!!


So; what do you think? Feeling like a break to the Isle of Wight would do you the world of good?! What are you waiting for??

Book yourself the ultimate well-being break now!!