Isle of Wight Ferries get Red Noses!

13-03-2009 Red Funnel has gone full steam ahead for Red Nose Day 2009!

Staff have donned their best scarlet clothing in order to help raise money for the special Comic Relief event, and even the vessels have got in on the act. Vehicle Ferries, Red Eagle and Red Falcon, and Red Jets 3 and 4 are sporting comedy noses to help raise awareness and to spur the public into giving generously at the collection points onboard and in ticket offices.

Red Funnel, who operate vehicle/foot passenger ferries between Southampton and East Cowes, and Red Jet Hi-Speed foot passenger vessels between Southampton and West Cowes are also giving away two once-in-a-lifetime experiences as prizes. Customers can donate £1 to enter a draw to win the opportunity to visit the bridge and take the wheel of either a Vehicle Ferry or Red Jet as part of a free return crossing. Alternatively, customers can donate and treat their vehicles to a screen wash from Red Funnel employees as they wait to board the Ferry.

Gus McKechnie, who is currently cycling the entire distance of the equator on a stationary bike onboard Red Funnel Ferries every weekend to raise money for various charities, will be donating all money raised during this weekend to Comic Relief.

Murray Carter, Customer Services Director and Warren Turvey, Head of Food and Beverage have taken on the Red Nose Day Challenge personally, by volunteering to sit in a bath full of juicy tomatoes. Staff and customers will be able to join in the fun by paying £1 to throw tomatoes at him. Murray says “We have been raising money for Red Nose Day all week and have been running a number of fun events with our customers and raise as much money as we can for this fantastic cause”.

Thanks to all those staff and customers who have kindly given up their time and generously donated!