Whitwell village wells up for Red Jet 6

24-08-2016  Following its royal naming ceremony last month, celebrations for Red Jet 6 are continuing on the Isle of Wight to honour a 14-year well "dressing" tradition.

Whitwell villagers have produced a floral display of Red Funnel's high-speed ferry to decorate their ancient well, a tradition that originally began in 2002.

Around 10 volunteers spent a week creating the image of Red Jet 6 on water out of clay, coffee beans and flowers, after the catamaran was built in East Cowes earlier this year.

The transport motif continued from last year's dressing, marking the first flight of the Britten-Norman Islander aircraft, 50 years before.

Donations were given towards church funds from members of the public, as well as from Red Funnel when it heard Red Jet 6 was the inspiration for this year’s well dressing.

The artwork will sit on the well for as long as its blooms last, having previously been carried to service and blessed at the Church of St Mary and St Rhadegund. 

Ann Harris, designer of the well dressing, said: "Each year we base our designs on events or anniversaries relevant to the Island, and the launch of Red Jet 6 happened ideally ahead of our brainstorming."

"The ferry has already created more jobs for Islanders and is a faster, efficient way of connecting us to the mainland. Villagers of all ages get involved in the annual project, and it's a wonderful way of bringing the community together and celebrating local achievements."

Jonathan Green, marketing and communications director at Red Funnel, said: “We loved seeing Red Jet 6 made out of flowers for the well dressing display and we really appreciate the efforts of Ann Harris and her team. Red Jet 6 has made quite an impressions since joining the Hi-Speed fleet in July and the feedback from customers has been superb.”

Red Jet 6 was named in July by HRH Princess Anne, and is the first vessel of her kind to be built in the UK for 15 years.


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