Red Funnel to reorganise Fountain Yard, West Cowes

09-10-2006 Red Funnel, the Original Isle of Wight Ferry operator and owner of Fountain Yard in West Cowes, is taking steps to alleviate the growing problems of traffic congestion and pedestrian access.


A recent Isle of Wight Council sponsored report has also recommended that steps to alleviate congestion and improve the flow of traffic should be taken.

Red Funnel has already changed the access rights for private hire vehicles by removing the council taxi rank. A contract for pre-booked taxis was awarded to the Alpha Group (IoW) and facilities are in place to enable customers to phone ahead to book a taxi to meet them on arrival. Red Funnel is confident the new arrangements will help alleviate congestion. With a dedicated fleet of modern cars, customers should notice a significant improvement.

The former council taxi rank is this week being turned into a waiting lane for vehicle owners who are dropping-off or collecting Red Funnel customers. The maximum waiting time will be 10 minutes and this will be closely monitored by an approved Isle of Wight Council clamping operator.

The existing through lane will remain much as it is but will be marked throughout its length with new yellow hatching to emphasise that no stopping is permitted in this area.

The bus lane will also retain its current configuration but a new green safety zone for passengers marked on the Arcade side of the lane will be installed and accessed by a pedestrian crossing opposite the Tourist Information Centre. Southern Vectis currently have bus departures from Fountain Yard every 7 minutes and it is hoped the overall scheme will improve access for buses and bus passengers.

The current waiting area by the Arcade will be turned through 90 degrees to run parallel to the other lanes and the Arcade and this will provide space for the new green safety zone for bus passengers. The lane will then become a controlled lane for approved private hire vehicles. Under no circumstances will any other vehicles be authorised to park in this area.

Red Funnel hopes the new layout will alleviate congestion and improve the flow of traffic whilst still providing temporary access for the owners of shops and flats in the Arcade.

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