Red Funnel enjoys summer success

09-09-2005 Red Funnel, the Isle of Wight Specialist, has enjoyed a very successful August this year with growth in market share on the Southampton – East Cowes route.


Figures released from the Isle of Wight Council show that Red Funnel has outperformed the market with significant growth compared to the same period in 2004.

The total number of cars carried by Red Funnel during August (24 July – 20 August) grew by 9.35%, while the overall market grew by 4.47%. Year to date, Red Funnel’s car traffic is up by 7.74% in a market which has increased by just 2.47%.

Red Funnel’s coach traffic has also outperformed the market, up 5.13% compared to market growth in August of 4.12%. Year to date, Red Funnel’s coach carryings are up 8.24% in a flat cross-Solent market. Red Funnel’s commercial traffic has seen some of the biggest gains, up 12.93% in August compared to market growth of 1.33%. Year to date, Red Funnel has witnessed phenomenal growth of 15.59% in a total freight market which has grown by 2.68%

The total number of ro-ro passengers carried by Red Funnel during August grew by 9.97% compared to a market growth of 2.65%. Year to date, Red Funnel’s ro-ro passenger carryings have increased by 5.84% in a market which has grown by 1.13%.

The Company has also reported strong growth in its ferry inclusive short break and holidays division with bookings up some 39% compared to the same period in 2004.

Colin Hetherington, Commercial Director, Red Funnel, comments, “We have enjoyed a fantastic year so far, and are very encouraged by our gains in market share. Following the completion of our stretch programme earlier this year, we are now operating the newest fleet and three largest vehicle ferries ever to serve the Isle of Wight. The strong performance of our holidays business reinforces the Island’s position as a premier UK short break destination and with new boutique hotels coming on stream, we look forward to welcoming more customers to the Isle of Wight this autumn.”

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