Red Funnel 150th Anniversary Book

17-12-2010 Enjoy the fascinating history of the original Isle of Wight Ferries

2011 marks the 150th anniversary of Red Funnel Ferries, in operation since 1861. To honour the occasion, a new limited edition anniversary book ‘Red Funnel 150’ has been released, celebrating 150 years of the Original Isle of Wight Ferries and exploring the company’s colourful history.

Packed full of interesting facts and fascinating maritime history, with never before seen monochrome and colour images, the book charts 150 years of the company’s history from the early days of 1861, through war and peace, good times and bad to the modern services of today that are so much a part of South Coast and Island life.

With in depth details and archive photography of nearly every vessel in the Red Funnel fleet, past and present, as well as rarely seen historical pictures of piers and docks along the South Coast, the book would make a fantastic gift for any maritime enthusiast.

‘Red Funnel 150’ a quality 176 page hardback by Keith Adams is available now for £24.95 and can be purchased onboard Red Funnel’s Vehicle Ferries and at terminals, as well as at