Friendly Zoo Bugs Live on Red Funnel Ferries!

02-04-2009 Passengers cruising to and from the Isle of Wight on Red Funnel’s car ferry, the Red Eagle, will have the opportunity to meet and greet some rather unusual fellow passengers.

Weird and wonderful bugs from the Isle of Wight Zoo will be on board taking part in interactive sessions designed to make the voyage an experience to remember.

Red Funnel will dedicate an area of the upper deck of the Red Eagle Vehicle Ferry to Isle of Wight Zoo staff so they can invite passengers to hold out their hands as a warm place of rest, or maybe even a squidgy playground for an insect or two! Natures’ alien underworld is too often underfoot and out of mind. The Isle of Wight Zoo team hope that these engaging and informative bug handling sessions will help children to trade a ‘yuk’ for an ‘ahh’ while familiarizing themselves with these funky and fascinating creatures. 

On certain crossings, zoo staff will also be offering complimentary tiger themed face-painting for those who fancy putting on a particularly fierce face for the day!

During the Easter Holiadys the Isle of Wight Zoo are also offering FREE entry for kids when you purchase your admission tickets in advance through Red Funnel. So, you can have a great day out without it leaving you out of pocket. Home to TV’s ‘Tiger Island’, this wildlife centre supports the largest collection of tigers in the UK and also specializes in lemur species. The indoor Jeepers Creepers area is a popular feature as is the zoo’s white tigress, ‘Zena’. Engaging presentations and a friendly, knowledgable team make this a special day out for all ages.