Enhanced customer service with twittering ferries

05-08-2010 Red Funnel is always looking for ways to make its passengers' journeys more efficient. When an IBM Master Inventor devised a solution designed to predict the actual arrival and departure times of each Red Funnel ferry, the company was keen to explore the customer service benefits.

By applying data analytics to information gathered from sensors onboard its ferries, Red Funnel can inform customers of the imminent arrival or departure of its ferries in near real-time via Twitter.

Red Funnel service information is available FREE to other transport operators and public information websites via the following feeds:

  • Service status: https://www.redfunnel.co.uk/en/isle-of-wight-ferry/service-status/
  • AIS vessel position map: http://ais.redfunnel.co.uk/
  • twittering Red Jets: http://twitter.com/redjets
  • twittering Vehicle Ferries: http://twitter.com/red_ferries