Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Defence of Cowes

01-05-2012 Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the defence of Cowes by the Polish destroyer ORP Blyskawica

Red Funnel offers tickets to special events in Cowes from 4-7 May 2012

The night of 4th May 2012 will mark the 70th anniversary of the town of Cowes being saved by the Polish Destroyer ORP Blyskawica after the Luftwaffe carried out a ferocious attack. The residents of Cowes remain eternally grateful to the Polish Navy and Red Funnel Isle of Wight Ferries is offering tickets to a number of special events to commemorate this historic anniversary.

Following the death of 70 people during the attack, the ORP Blyskawica and her captainWojciech Francki were acknowledged as ‘the saviours of Cowes’. An array of events will be taking place from 4-7 May to mark this gratitude, including musical concerts, a Polish naval ship visit, Karpaty Polish Dance Troup and children’s painting display.

Key events to commemorate the 70th anniversary:

  • 4 May – Gala Piano Recital: a programme of piano music by Eva Maria Doroszkowska, granddaughter of Captain Francki. Tickets cost £38.30 with Red Funnel, including a buffet and return Red Jet travel
  • 5 May - Ave Verum Choir: a concert by the Polish Ave Verum Choir featuring a variety of Polish and international secular, classical, traditional and modern music. Tickets cost £15.80 with Red Funnel, including return Red Jet travel
  • 6 May - Gala Variety Concert: featuring the Polish Naval Band and the Exeter Philharmonic choir. Tickets cost £23.30 with Red Funnel, including return Red Jet travel

Customers can book tickets directly at Red Funnel ticket offices in Southampton

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