All Hans On Deck

04-05-2018  Red Funnel once again celebrated May the Fourth, widely known as "Star Wars Day", to the amusement of both staff and customers. Red Falcon was renamed Millennium Falcon and hosted a large cast of Star Wars characters posing for photos with families and handing out gifts to children. Apart from the bevy of Han Solo's, characters included Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, Yoda, Kylo Ren, Shadow Guard, Biker Scout and a miniature Darth Vader!

Working in partnership with the team behind the 2nd annual Isle of Wight Comic Con event coming up later this year, Red Funnel put out a call for "all Hans on deck!" – a timely nod to the new Han Solo film opening in cinemas later month.

Jonathan Green, Marketing & Communications Director for Red Funnel said: "Our Star Wars Day stunt last year was so well received by customers we wanted to do something again but with a twist. With help from our friends at Isle of Wight Comic Con we came up with the idea of trying to get as many Han Solo lookalikes on a ferry as possible! It was amazing to see the turn out today with some 21 Han Solos on-board - an unofficial world record (and possibly for Star Wars characters in general) on a ferry." Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful to see so many customers enjoying the surprise."

Ben Belton, Event Director, Isle of Wight Comic Con said: "We're very excited to be working with Red Funnel. They're a major sponsor of our event and were from the get go and we really appreciate their support. Star Wars fans came out in droves last year to Comic Con and we expect a big fan turn out again this year! Due to the tremendous success of last year's Comic Con event we've already changed to a larger venue, so we're expecting more fans this 20-21 Oct at our new venue, the Cowes Technical College. Teaming up with Red Funnel for today was just a perfect fit for our partnership. It was a brilliant day and it just made us more excited for October!"

Also joining in today's fun were members of the Isle of Wight Garrison, part of the largest Star Wars costuming group in the world. Members are all volunteers and contribute to the local community by fundraising, volunteering and working with charities. The group today collected donations for Layla's Trust.


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