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Legendary Joust at Carisbrooke Castle

Experience an exhilarating spectacle of speed and skill as four legendary knights compete in the grand medieval joust. See lances shatter, feel the thunder of hooves and hear the roar of the crowd as reputations are won and lost.

a knight on horseback holding a jousting lance
Carisbrooke Castle
Carisbrooke Castle at Sunset

What's On

Gather round as fearless fighters and their magnificent horses will charge at each other at full speed in an unforgettable display of chivalry and sheer courage. Each knight represents a character from myth or legend – The Wyvern, The Wildman, Sir Lancelot and Jason of the Argonauts. Who will be your champion?

As spectators cheer their knight and merry music fills the air, immerse yourself in the medieval encampment and meet characters from the past. Watch falcons soar in the skies above, or gasp and giggle at the castle Jester.

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Getting There

From Southampton: Set sail to East Cowes with a car and up to 7 passengers, and find Carisbrooke Castle a short drive away.

By car: Castle Hill, Newport, PO30 1XY

By bus: Southern Vectis routes 7, 12 and 38 from Newport will get you to Carisbrooke High Street, a 10 minute stroll from the castle. Plan your journey here