It’s the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and we’re holding a most magnificent show in their honour.


Join the beloved royal couple as their carriage arrives at Osborne alongside a splendid parade, and take part in an extravaganza of arena action, hands on fun and exciting sideshows. Experience the spectacle of our brand new display of horsemanship, and be amazed at the fantastic inventions of Victoria and Albert's time. Marvel at the thrills, spills and danger of fire shows, polish your manners at butlers' school and learn everything you need to know about 19th century tricks, tonics, lotions and potions. Send the kids to ride the helter-skelter, play on swing boats, or to laugh out loud at the traditional entertainments. 

Just like Albert in his great exhibition of 1851, our Great Victorian Show will delight in the innovation and enterprise of the era, with exhibits to excite and amaze. Join us this May half term, for it will truly be a celebration fit for royalty!

Book online before Monday 27 May to receive a 10% discount on your tickets.