Success from our Trailblazing Deck Apprentices

As it's National Apprenticeship Week, it seems only fitting to brag about our fantastic colleagues who have successfully completed our 2016 Deck Trainee Scheme.

The programme, which is run in conjunction with Red Ensign Training, has seen Jana Zinevica, Tom Marsden and Tim Duncan qualify – with them now working in Deck Hand roles.

During their year of training, our apprentices worked alongside existing Deck Hands where they helped run the ships, assisting with navigation, cleaning, loading the car deck and customer service. The internationally-recognised course, known as the Trailblazer Deck Route, included a combination of SQA Level 2 Certificate in Maritime Studies, Able Seafarer (Deck) and Level 2 Award in Maritime Studies (Deck Rating).

Captain Alwyn Rees, Head of Ferry Operations, said: “We are delighted with the high calibre of apprentices and proud to now have them aboard full time working for us.”

“The scheme has proved to be extremely useful for Red Funnel with our apprentices excelling at the various tasks they had to undertake. They more than demonstrated their expertise and enthusiasm and we look forward to their contribution for us in the coming years.”

Paul Morter, marine superintendent at Red Ensign Training, said: “This is the first time the Trailblazer Route has been run and we are all so happy it has been such a huge success. “The apprentices were brilliant and showed there’s nothing like training on the job to learn the vital skills needed, as well as showcase what you can do. We now look forward to seeing more success with the scheme in the future.”

One of our successful apprentices, Jana, who is now employed as Deck Hand, added: “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being an apprentice and love working at Red Funnel. “One of my favourite things about the course was doing the emergency procedure training, including firefighting and lifesaving. Now I’m qualified I get to work on a vessel and spend all day on the water and then come home at the end of the day – rather than working away as a seafarer for months on end.”

“Working for Red Funnel is amazing with every day throwing up exciting new challenges. I look forward to working with the next cohort of apprentices in the future.” We're planning on running the programme again in July and taking on another four apprentices.

Congratulations and well done Jana, Tim and Tom.