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Suppliers & Contractors

Supplying goods & services to Red Funnel

In accordance with Red Funnel’s ISO 9001 accreditation and Integrated Management System, all suppliers or potential suppliers to Red Funnel (regardless of whether they are a corporate or non-corporate supplier) should be formally approved and added to the Approved Suppliers Database. 

All suppliers will be assessed and verified as suitable to supply to Red Funnel, by the issuing of the Vendor Qualification Questionnaire (VQQ). The VQQ will be assessed by the CF, Head of Health & Safety, and the Financial Controller. A determination will be made as to whether to approve or reject the supplier and reasons for doing so will be recorded.

Suppliers providing business critical or high value products/services shall be formally reviewed by the Budget Holder and CF on a regular basis (minimum annually) to ensure they are meeting their obligations in regard to price, quality and service.

Any supplier negotiations shall be conducted in line with the Procurement Policy. Red Funnel will endeavour to negotiate the most advantageous commercial terms from its suppliers.

Suppliers will be expected to conduct their business affairs in line with Red Funnel’s Supplier Code of Conduct and Modern Slavery Statement.

Agreements should be based on Red Funnel’s Terms & Conditions for the supply of goods and services.

If you would like to be entered into consideration as a supplier to Red Funnel, please contact the Finance Department