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deku recommends beaches

on the Isle of Wight

Appley Beach

There is so much room for dogs to run and play at low tide, with wet sand for miles! Shallow pools make it ideal for dogs who like to paddle. Dogs are allowed on the wet sand at low tide and to the right of the tower on the sandy beach. 

Seagrove Bay

Seagrove Bay

Lined with some of the Island’s most impressive waterfront properties, Seagrove Bay is a lovely spot for swimming with your dog. There’s a sandy beach for sunbathing and digging, and clear waters for paddling and cooling off. 



To the left of the groin from the car park, dogs are allowed year-round. When the tide is out there’s a huge expanse of sand for playing, digging, and splashing the sea. The ideal spot for a beach day.


Bembridge Beach

To the left of the pier you’ll find a mix of sand and shingle, perfect for skimming stones, hunting for seaglass and walking. Bembridge is a tranquil beach and dog-friendly year round – watch out for Blue Slipper Clay. 


St Helens

Dog-friendly year-round, this is Deku’s FAVOURITE beach. It’s a pebble bay with lovely calm waters for swimming, and behind are the sand dunes of The Duver to explore. 


Thorness Bay

A secluded pebble beach framed by farmland, the best way to get to Thorness is walking along the coastal path from either end of Rew Street in Gurnard – doggos rewarded with a dip in the sea before heading back on your walk. 


Brook Bay

A nice dog friendly natural beach great for exploring and fossil hunting - look out for dinosaur footprints at low tide!

rocken end

Rocken End

Characterised by its orangey red pebbles and blue waters, Rocken End between Niton and Blackgang is dog-friendly year-round. It’s also an unofficial naturist beach! There are great walks around the area, and a windy path down to the beach which makes it feel like a real local gem. 

You’re likely to encounter other dogs and horses on beaches, so please always carry a lead and keep your pooch close