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Karting @ Wight Karting

Wight Karting

Ready, steady, race!
Race your family and friends, Formula 1 style, through 500m of outdoor floodlit track at Wight Karting. Perfect for adrenalin junkies and group activities alike, Wight Karting is a fun and high-speed activity to enjoy. 

What to Expect

Once you’ve arrived and signed in, pay for as many 10 minute racing sessions as you wish, pick a race suit from the locker room, and await your call to the track. When your face appears on the big screen, go to the briefing room for the lowdown on how to drive your car and the rules of the track. Don your helmet and hairnet, head to your assigned car, and you’re off! 
The Marshall gives you a trial lap first and the timing starts as soon as you pass under the ‘loop’. In the fastest cars you might get about 18 laps in your ten minutes and travel about 4 ½ miles. Friends and relatives can watch from the tables on the café balcony.

You’re given your lap times, with your fastest in black. Compare your speediest lap to the fastest of the day, week and month. Join the Drivers Club and you could win a free race. Or you could book an F1 group event - the winning team gets a trophy.

Karting Rules

  • Absolutely no driving under the influence. 
  • Juniors (aged 8-11 years) can go up to 25mph
  • Drivers aged 12-16 can go up to 35mph
  • Drivers over 16 can go up to 48mph

Customer Reviews

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The staff are happy which means that they must like the company they work for. Always willing to help and support your needs
Wed, Feb 21 2024
1 2 3 4 5
Nice easy crossing. Hassle free.
Wed, Feb 21 2024
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The service was ok, I am concerned by the number of cancellations however. some of the craft now need upgrading ( especially the car ferries ). The waiting area in Southampton (…
Wed, Feb 21 2024