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Kayaking on the Isle of Wight

Kayaking on the Isle of Wight

Paddle your way to new adventures.
Gentle inland waterways, coastal shorebreaks, open water opportunities – the Isle of Wight is the perfect place to take to the water in a kayak. Enjoy a leisurely paddle checking out the sights around the island, or opt for a high-energy excursion. 

Kayaking Sites

There are plenty of places to launch your kayak around the Isle of Wight – choose a spot and get padding!  

  • Freshwater boasts beautiful surrounding cliffs to explore the coastal scenery. Freshwater bay is best explored on a flat day, and on the correct tide you can explore the caves.
  • Compton is excellent for kayak surfing. This area is very popular with surfers, due to the sandy shore and great waves.
  • Brook is the next beach along from Compton, and again benefits from excellent surf.
  • Yaverland and Sandown Bay, depending on the weather conditions, can be excellent for gentle kayak paddling around the Bay area.
  • Yarmouth to Freshwater makes for a great river paddle.
  • Newtown Creek is fun for a day of leisurely exploration, with areas to stop along the river to have a picnic.
  • Cowes - Newport (Medina River) is a busy river best suited to experienced paddlers. Choose an off-season date for this route to avoid the busy yachting events. This route can also be very tidal, so ensure you time your trip carefully. There are a few picnic spots along the route to Newport.
  • Ryde / Puckpool is great for beginner kayaking. If you are keen to do some sheltered, easy kayaking, or paddling with children, these beaches offer shallow waters and sandy beaches, making a gentle paddle enjoyable.

If you don't have your own kayaks and would like to try your hand, there are a number of companies offering hire or courses.   

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Efficient boarding
Thu, Feb 22 2024
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The ferry ran extremely efficiently. Departure and arrival times were punctual. Service was easy to use.
Thu, Feb 22 2024
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The staff are happy which means that they must like the company they work for. Always willing to help and support your needs
Wed, Feb 21 2024