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Holidays FAQs


Please consider any applicable government guidance before placing a booking, below are a few frequently asked questions relating to bookings made through Red Funnel Holidays.

Due to working with multiple accommodation providers, please email [email protected] if you need to cancel your holiday to discuss in more detail. As always, we strongly encourage you to take out holiday insurance cover at the time of booking. 

We are unable to offer online payment plans, but if the value of your Red Funnel Holiday (Ferry + Accommodation) exceeds £200 and you wish to explore this option, please call us on 02380 019192 or email your request to [email protected]

In most cases yes.  However some of the advertised facilities may still require a booking slot for example.  If you are unsure and wish to check before making a booking, please contact the accommodation provider directly

Email us at [email protected] and one of our team will respond as soon as possible. Please note our Holidays team are currently dealing with a very high number of enquiries, and we thank you for your patience.


If you require assistance during your crossing or with making a booking, please review our passenger assistance section. 

Service Disruption & Claims

Learn about what to do in the event of a service interruption or delay. 

Contact Us

Reach out to the Red Funnel team with any questions, concerns, or feedback about your experience.