Bronze Age burial mounds

Bronze Age burial mounds | 1,500 BC | Period: Pre-history

Around 1900 BC the so called Beaker people arrived - named after their distinctive pottery. They called the Island Wiht (weight) meaning raised or what rises over the sea.

Hoards of Bronze Age (2,300 BC - 700 BC) implements and weapons, and also round barrow cemeteries, have been found throughout the Island. Although many no longer survive, over 300 round barrows have been recorded.

Round barrows are 'bowl,' 'bell' or 'disc,' according to their construction. Bowl barrows are simple mounds of earth or chalk that may have a surrounding ditch. Disc barrows have a small central mound on a wide platform surrounded by a ditch and an outer bank. Both disc and bell barrows are to be found on Brook Down. A round barrow on Newbarn Down, Calbourne, excavated in the 1970s, contained a 'Beaker Culture' bowl.