Travel Cards

  Great for saving - Travel Cards offer savings of up to 20% off our 'Saver' and 'Flexi' vehicle fares, 10% off our standard foot passenger fares and 15% off food and drinks from the Steam Coffee Company and our ReFuel café restaurants. What's more, join My Red Funnel Rewards and you'll earn points every time you use your Travel Card.


  Great for flexibility - a Travel Card can be used to pay for motorcycle and private vehicle bookings up to 8m in length and foot passenger tickets. For vehicles, you can select either our Saver or Flexible fares and opt for a premium upgrade if travelling in a vehicle up to 2.0m high. Simply book in advance for the cheapest fares or present your Travel Card at check-in for travel on a stand-by basis. Travel Cards can also be used to pay for promotion fare bookings if cheaper.



Great for Convenience - book securely online or by phone or in person. Travel Card bookings are also exempt from admin and amendment fees. Foot passenger tickets travelling via East or West Cowes can be purchased using a Travel Card from ticket offices during opening hours.You can also check the balance, add more credit, view statements and change your PIN online.

Please Note
: Travel Card holders cannot use ticket machines in the ticket offices to buy foot passenger tickets. This is only available over counter at ticket offices. 

How it works
Open a Travel Card account via this website (or by phone) and add credit to obtain the discount levels shown in the table below. You can then use it to book or buy ferry tickets with the appropriate discount applied automatically. The cost of each journey will be deducted from the balance on your account. There are 3 credit levels (or top-up amounts) to choose from. 1) £250, 2) £500 and 3) £1,000

Choosing a top-up amount depends on how often you travel, how much money you wish to store and the level of discount required.  The credit held in a Travel Card account never expires and you can top-up your account 24/7 online.

Discount levels are determined by the balance after you have topped-up your account

Account balance after top-up
Private vehicles
up to 8m
Freight vehicles
over 5.5m
& Scooters
Under £500 1 6% 0% 25% 10%
£500 to £999.99 2  10% 0% 30% 10%
£1,000 or over 3 20% 10% 35% 10%


The discount level will remain in place until the credit has been exhausted or the card is next topped-up. Depending on the balance after the top-up, a higher or lower discount level may apply.  If your discount level is 2 or 3 and you want to top-up the card by a small amount its not advisable to do so until the balance has been run down as a the discount level could be reset to Level 1 or 2.

For example:
i)    A Travel Card was originally topped-up with £1,000 and all car journeys booked have been discounted by 20%. The balance falls to £400 and the card holder decides to top-up the card by £250. The new balance is now £650 so the discount level for new car bookings has reduced to 10%
ii)    A Travel Card was originally topped-up with £500 and all car journeys booked have been discounted by 10%. The balance falls to £249 and the card holder decides to top-up the card by £250. The new balance is now £499 so the discount level for new car bookings has reduced to 6%
iii)    A Travel Card with a balance of £500 is topped-up by another £500. As the balance is now £1,000 car journeys will be discounted by 20% until there is insufficient credit for new bookings or the card is topped-up.
iv)    A Travel Card with a balance of £500 is topped-up by £250. As the new balance is £750 the discount for car journeys will remain at 10% until the credit has been used or the card is topped-up.


How to apply 

  • 1) Create a My Red Funnel Account (if you don't have one already).
  • 2) Please read the Travel Card Terms & Conditions below carefully.
  • 3) Add the Travel Card and My Rewards options to your account.
  • 4) Pre-charge your Travel Card with £250, £500 or £1,000
  • 5) Login in to My Red Funnel before making a booking and tick 'Use my Travel Card' option in the booking process.
  • 6) Look out for your membership card in the post - please show it at check-in and when purchasing foot passenger tickets or food & drinks.

Travelcard Terms & Conditions

1. The Parties to this Agreement

The parties to the agreement are Southampton Isle of Wight and South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Limited (trading as “Red Funnel Ferries”), Registered office: 12 Bugle Street, Southampton SO14 2JY, UK Registered in England and Wales with Number 002404 and the account holder.

2. The Account

2.1 Travel Cards store money on an account which can be used to purchase discounted fluid vehicle fares and standard foot passenger tickets for both Red Funnel routes (Red Jet Hi-Speed tickets paid for using a Travel Card can only be purchased from ticket offices during opening hours - unfortunately they can not be purchased online, by phone or from ticket machines). 

2.2 We will operate the account for you and you agree that the account will be debited by the amounts of all transactions made using your Travel Card and any supplementary card that you have asked us to provide. Each transaction will be shown on your online statement.

2.3 To prevent misuse of your account you must ensure that you and any supplementary cardholder 

- keeps the card secure at all times,
- keeps the login and password secure at all times, 
- keeps the 4 digit PIN secure and does not disclose it to a third party,
- do not let any unauthorized person use your card.

2.4 Written requests to transfer a balance between two Travel Card accounts will be considered and not unreasonably withheld.

2.5 Statements are available FREE online from the ‘My Red Funnel’ section of the website. A one-off paper statement listing all transactions for the requested period can be provided on request; a small administration charge may be applicable, which will be debited from your Travel Card. 

2.6 We reserve the right to reject a Travel Card application and close an existing account without explanation.

3. Top-ups

3.1 Credit top-ups can be made to your account online, by telephone or in-person using a debit/credit card. Top-ups can be accepted in cash at the ticket offices during opening hours.

3.2 The account can be topped-up by fixed amounts of £250, £500 or £1,000. The discount level is determined by the balance after the account has been topped-up and the discount will remain in force until the account is next topped-up. The discount level can be calculated using the table below:

Travel Card balance after top-up Discount level applying
£0.00 to £499.99 Level 1
£500.00 to £999.99 Level 2
£1,000 + Level 3


3.3 Top-ups will appear on your statement once the payment has been processed. If the top-up payment fails to clear at a later date for some reason the account may be debited by an equivalent amount.


4. Benefits, Fees and Charges 

4.1 No fee is payable to enrol in the scheme or to maintain a Travel Card account.

4.2 No administration fees will apply to telephone or in-person Travel Card bookings. 

4.3 No booking amendment fees will be charged but charges will apply if changing your departure time to a more expensive sailing.

4.4 Standard refund and cancellation rules apply to Travel Card vehicle bookings.

4.5 All Travel Card journeys are non-transferable and subject to Red Funnel's 
standard terms and conditions of carriage.

4.6 Funds stored in a Travel Card account will never expire but we reserve the right to close a Travel Card account where there has been no activity for 3+ years (see ‘Closing your Account’ section of this agreement). 

4.7 We reserve the right to change the circumstances in which any of the discounts on your account are applied and the amount of discount and the level at which fares are capped. We will provide notice of any change in accordance with the ‘Changes’ section of this agreement.

4.8 A 15% saving the cost of food & beverages (excl. alcohol) from all Steam Coffee Company and ReFuel outlets is available to Travel Card holders who paid for their journey using their card and have a valid balance at midnight the day before travel. The Travel Card must be presented at the point of purchase. Not valid in conjunction with any other Food & Beverage offer.

4.9 You agree that we may impose additional fees and charges at any time by giving you notice as set out in the ‘Changes’ section of this agreement.

4.10 My Red Funnel Rewards members will earn Rewards points on Travel Card bookings made for qualifying travel. Points will be validated at midnight the day after travel. 
Points cannot be earned against sponsored travel. 

4.11 No Rewards points are earned/issued at the point a Travel Card is topped up. 

4.12 My Red Funnel Rewards points can be used to pay / part-pay for Travel Card bookings but cannot be used to pay / part-pay for Travel Card top-ups.

4.13 If you decide to travel on a more expensive sailing or extend the length of your stay you will also have to pay the fare difference 

4.14 If you move to a cheaper sailing, no refund will made as there's no guarantee we can re-sell your booked space.

5. Discount Levels

5.1 Previous Silver or Gold Travel Card holders who elected to transfer the value of any unused crossings that have not expired to the new Travel Card scheme outlined in this agreement will benefit from a Level 3 discount until the account is next topped-up by you or a supplementary cardholder (see Level 3 discounts in the table below). This benefit does not apply to previous Green Travel Card holders or new members joining the scheme.

5.2 For new members joining the Travel Card scheme for the first time, the following vehicle and passenger discount levels apply based on the top-up amount shown in the table below.

Discount off Red Funnel Standard Public Fares

Discount level Top-up amount Vehicles & trailers up to 5.5m in length Vehicles over 5.5m in length Motor cycles & scooters Foot passengers (incl Red Jet)
1 £250 6% 0% 25% 10%
2 £500 10% 0% 30% 10%
3 £1,000 20% 10% 35% 10%


5.3 The discount level will remain in place until the credit has been exhausted or the card is next topped-up. Depending on the top-up amount, a new discount level may apply.

6. Permitted Uses

6.1 You may use your Travel Card account to purchase, subject to adequate funds, standard Red Funnel public foot passenger tickets and ferry fares, subject to availability, for private vehicles up to 8 meters in length. Both ‘Saver’ and ‘Flexi’ fare types are available for the most common types of vehicle including an optional Premium add-on for vehicles up to 5.5m which are not towing a trailer/caravan. Note:Travel Card discount levels will not apply to tactical offers and promotions.

- Cars, 4x4, MPVs & small vans up to 5.5m in length and 2.0m in height (including the occupants).

- Motorhomes, campervans, horseboxes up to 15m in length (including the occupants).
- Minibuses up to 8m in length (including the occupants).
- Trailers/caravans if towed by a vehicle not exceeding 5.5m in length.
- Motorcycles/scooters (including up to two people).
- Large vans/commercial vehicles 5.6-8m in length (including the occupants).
- Standard foot passenger fares (Southampton/East Cowes).
- Standard Red Jet Hi-Speed passenger fares (Southampton/West Cowes - only available from ticket offices, please check opening hours).
- Foot passengers with bicycles (carried on the Vehicle Ferry only).

7. Prohibited Uses

You must not:
7.1 Attempt to use a Travel Card account to book travel for vehicles over 8m in length OR purchase Season Tickets, Saver Tickets, Excursion tickets, food or drinks from ReFuel, ReFuel Express, Steam Coffee Company, Bar1861 OR third party supplied products such as accommodation, attraction tickets, event and festival tickets and activity packages.

7.2 Use your account to purchase travel for the purpose of resale.

7.3 Use your account to purchase travel for anybody other than immediate family members. 

7.4 Attempt to use your account if your card has been reported lost or stolen or your account has been suspended or closed.

7.5 Disclose your card/account login or PIN details to anybody apart from your immediate family. 

7.6 We reserve the right to close your account immediately should you break the terms of this agreement.

8. Security

8.1 To access your account online you will login via a secure area on Red Funnel’s website using a unique email address and 10 digit password.

8.2 To make a Travel Card purchase online you are required to login and enter your 4 digit PIN number correctly in order to complete the transaction. 

8.3 If making a Travel Card purchase by telephone or in-person you will be asked to quote two correct digits from your 4 digit PIN number.

8.4 You can change your PIN number online by first entering your existing PIN number correctly. If you forget your PIN number call 0844 844 9988 and we will reset it once we have confirmed your identity.

9. Communicating with you

9.1 Correspondence relating to your Travel Card account including changes to this agreement will sent to you electronically by email with links to view information on the website or mailed to you at the postal address which is maintained in our records for your account.

9.2 You agree that it is your responsibility to read and act upon such communications, regardless of how it is delivered.

9.3 eTickets will be issued automatically via email but if you do not wish to receive ad-hoc correspondence relating to your Travel Card account by email it is your responsibility to notify us that you do not wish to receive communication in this form.

9.4 If you wish to receive marketing related material via email you will need to change your preference settings and opt-in via the ‘My Red Funnel’ section of the website. 

9.5 It is your responsibility to maintain and update your account details online or in writing if you change your address or other contact information (such as telephone number or email address). We are not responsible for any failure to receive any communication if it is found that the communication is returned to us because your contact details are not up-to-date.

10. Card is our Property

10.1 Although you and any supplementary cardholders use cards on your account, all Travel Cards issued remain our property at all times. You may be asked and you agree to return the card(s) to us upon request. Damaged cards will be replaced upon request.

11. Theft, loss or misuse of a Travel Card account

11.1 You must tell is immediately by telephone (02380 248595) or by email to if:
- the Travel Card is lost or stolen,
- a replacement card has not been received,
- someone else learns of your account login, password or PIN number,
- you suspect your account is being misused or a transaction is authorized or
- you suspect a transaction has been processed incorrectly.

11.2 Where a card is reported lost or stolen the account will be suspended and any remaining credit will be transferred to a new account and a replacement Travel Card issued within five working days.

11.3 If a Travel Card that you have reported lost or stolen is later found you must contact us immediately.

11.4 If there are errors in a transaction and this is our fault, we may reverse the transaction and restore your account as if the transaction had not taken place. We reserve the right to charge the correct transaction amount to your account.

11.5 If upon contacting us, you wish to dispute a transaction we will initiate an inquiry. Once investigations are complete, we will adjust your account accordingly.

11.6 A Travel Card is no longer valid if it has been defaced, is illegible or has been tampered with.

12. Suspension

12.1 We may immediately stop you or any supplementary cardholder from using the account for security reasons, if we suspect unauthorized and/or fraudulent use. In these cases we may notify you beforehand or immediately afterwards and provide you with the reasons for our decision.

12.2 This agreement will continue if we take such action and you will still be responsible for all charges on your account.

12.3 We will reinstate your rights to use the account or provide you with a new Travel Card account if the reasons for suspending the account no longer apply.

13. Closing your Account

13.1 You (or your executors or powers of attorney) may end this agreement at any time by stopping use of your account and requesting the closure of your account in writing and returning your Travel Card and any supplementary cards that have been issued to us.

13.2 Once we are in receipt of your closure request and your Travel Card and any supplementary cards, we will suspend your account until any non-travelled tickets or bookings paid for using funds from your account have been made or cancelled by you. Any charges resulting from amending or cancelling non-travelled bookings will be charged to your account.

13.3 Any funds remaining in your account will then be refunded minus a) any standard cancellation charges applying to non-travelled tickets/bookings that you have asked us to cancel minus b) the fare savings you have made on purchases paid for using the last top-up(s) to your account. If there are insufficient funds in your account to cover a+b you will be asked to pay using a valid debit/credit card. An administration fee of £20 will also be applied.

13.4 Once any closing balance has been refunded to your debit/credit card, the account will be closed.

13.5 We can end this agreement or cancel any or all Travel Cards issued immediately if you are in default or at any time but unless there are exceptional circumstances, we will give you 30 days notice. 

14. Changes

14.1 We may withdraw or change any provision of this agreement at any time, including the levels of discount, the charges and benefits and services associated with the account. We will inform you of most variations in writing at least 30 days in advance of any changes to the terms unless the change is to your advantage. You will be deemed to have accepted the changes unless you notify us to the contrary in writing prior to the date on which the changes will take effect. If you end this agreement in writing before the date on which the changes will take effect you will receive a full refund of any monies stored on your account.

14.2 If we have made a major change or a significant number of minor changes in any one year, we may publish an updated copy of this agreement or a summary of the changes which can be viewed on the website.

15. Liability

15.1 As the named Travel Card account holder you are responsible for all transactions made using your account. 

15.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that there is no prohibited use of your account by you and any supplementary cardholders. You will be responsible for any prohibited use of your account even if we did not prevent or stop the prohibited use.

15.3 You are liable for all unauthorized transactions where travel that has been completed prior to contacting us to suspend the account.

15.4 You will not be held liable for non-traveled purchases that can be cancelled in advance of travel unless:

- you did not comply with this agreement intentionally or
- you contributed to, were involved in, or benefited from the loss, theft or misuse, in which case you will be liable for the full amount of all non-traveled purchases.

16. Limitation of our Liability

16.1 We are not responsible or liable to you or any supplementary cardholder for
- any costs, damages or expenses arising out of our failure to carry out our obligations under this agreement if that failure is caused by a third party or because of a systems failure, data processing failure, industrial dispute or other action outside our control; and
- loss of profits or any incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages regardless of how they arise.

17. Assignment

17.1 We may assign, transfer or sell our rights, benefits or obligations under this agreement at any time to a third party and you consent to this without us having to notify you.

17.2 If we do so, or intend to do so, you agree that we can give information about you and your account to the third party or related party. Your statutory rights will not be affected.

18. Waiver of our Rights

If we fail to exercise any of our rights under this agreement, this will not be a waiver of our rights and will not prevent us from exercising them later.

19. Governing Law

This agreement is governed by the laws of England and the courts of England shall have jurisdiction over all parties involved in this agreement.