During the current COVID-19 situation, we have made some temporary changes to our options for eligible Isle of Wight residents who have an NHS medical appointment in Southampton.

A special return passenger ferry fare of £10.60 return is available for anyone travelling by car, or £10.60 per person for a foot passenger rate for patients and their companions.

Please note the fare applies to sailings from East Cowes only.

How to take advantage of the scheme

To see if you are eligible for our hospital visit rate check the criteria below. If you are eligible you can claim the special rate by booking through the booking tool at the bottom of this page. You will then simply need to bring your hospital appointment letter/card and proof of your address when checking in at our East Cowes terminal.

Eligibility for Travel

  • A fare of £10.60 per person will be charged for the patient and any companions attending an NHS appointment or for NHS treatment under a named NHS consultant.
  • The fare is only valid for outbound travel on the day of the treatment or procedure and travel is not permitted before 08:45 hrs unless, at Red Funnel’s discretion, the appointment time requires the patient to travel earlier.
  • The fare normally applies to Day Return journeys for outpatient treatment but may be extended (for example for in-patient treatment) if the patient can prove that an overnight stay is required.
  • To claim the rate you must present your appointment letter/card from the hospital along with proof of your address that matches the appointment card. Proof of address could be either driving license, passport, household or council tax bill.
  • Please note the following are excluded from the scheme: - 
    - Patients attending for treatment privately - Patients attending treatment at a private hospital, 
    - Patients attending appointments with GPs, pharmacists, dentists or opticians
    - Patients in receipt of benefits which would entitle them to claim under the Hospital Travel Costs scheme
    - Retrospective claims

Book Patient Travel

Using the form below, select your travel date(s) to check availability and book.

Please bring proof of your hospital appointment to show our staff at the terminal when checking in.

Ferry Travel


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