Our values are something we hold close to our heart. We feel that they embody our work ethic, behaviour and customer experience. Whilst these values summarise what we aim to be in the eyes of our customers, they can only happen through the dedication of our teams.

Our core values are reinforced by our "TOGETHER" values, making sure that everyday we strive to acheive the very best results that we can.

Core Values


We’re the experts, with the knowledge and experience you can trust

Caring and Friendly

We’re the welcoming face - always there to help make your journey a great experience you’ll remember


We’re innovative and enterprising - always striving to be the best in everything we do






My reputation for acting with integrity has been earned/demonstrated. My reputation for reliability has been earned/demonstrated.


 No secrets and no hidden agendas. If in doubt share it. Challenge and be challenged (constructively), ask why, come up with alternatives. If an idea is offered it merits a ‘try’ or a reason for not.

Good Initiative and Ideas

Initiative, Ideas and Innovation
The status quo is unlikely to be the best solution forever - if it isn’t broken, break/shake it and see if it can be improved.


I empower my team members...
..but in turn I must take ownership
We authorise our team members to use their best judgement - we feed back afterwards. Do the right thing and do the thing right. It is my job to get it right - it’s got my name on it.


Together, it is amazing what can be achieved if it doesn’t matter who takes the credit!
No “I” in team, and no passengers, everyone pulls their weight

Having Fun

It’s a great place to work
Take our work seriously, but not ourselves 


Effort / creativity / go the extra mile
Give at least 100%, often above and beyond a normal job


It’s ok to be different and everybody who contributes has a place
We give personal respect to all unconditionally, but we must earn professional respect from others