Could you be a Technical Superintendent?

With an exciting new role available, we chatted with Sean, Head of Technical Services, to find out what it takes to be a Technical Superintendent.

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Why has this role become available?

"Red Funnel is evolving and growing to meet the requirements of its Passengers as well as meet the technical demands placed upon it to comply with modern environmental issues. We are embarking upon an exciting period in the Company’s history with the introduction of new tonnage and looking ahead to replacement tonnage for the current Raptor Class Car Ferries. In and around this are the requirements to improve the support for the current Fleet as well as improve and develop the Infrastructure to support the core business of ensuring the passenger experience is the best quality we can provide from start to finish."

What is a typical “day in the life” of the Technical Superintendent?

"There is no ‘typical’ day for a Technical Superintendent and it is this which makes the role so challenging and yet rewarding at the same time. The role is to support the Vessel’s crews in delivering the passenger experience whilst maintaining the technical fabric of the Company and its assets. Each day brings its own challenges; technical breakdowns which could be anything from the Main Engines and Voith Propulsion systems to Lifts and helping our Colleagues in the F&B Department with their own equipment failures. Budget management is an important aspect of the role, particularly in ensuring that all maintenance is carried out on time, to the right standard and to budget. Whilst all the day to day aspects of the role are on-going, one eye needs to be kept on the future with forward planning for maintenance periods, dry docks and equipment obsolescence."

What will be the biggest challenges in this role?

"Engineering Standards are a key factor and the promotion and driving of standards across the Fleet will be a big challenge. Whilst we have some very good crews and standards are good we need to constantly improve and extend ourselves. Enthusiasm is a very important requirement for this role and yet one of the personal challenges is to temper enthusiasm against the business requirements and, of course, budget!"

What will be the biggest rewards in this role?

"Each day is its own reward - providing a reliable and efficient service to our passengers and delivering this with comfort and style! Satisfaction will come in; seeing the planning and preparation for any activity delivering smoothly, maintaining a smile through adversity when things go wrong, which they do, and achieving success in recovery from breakdowns, knowing that the records that are developed and kept on completion of tasks will be there to make the next time round that much easier. Red Funnel is a great Team to work within and the support we give and garner from each other brings other benefits and rewards and a great environment in which to work."

What are we looking for from the “perfect” candidate?

"The perfect candidate? A people person, a manager capable of leading, of instigating ideas and inspiring those they lead to fulfill those ideas. At the same time they need to have a proven mechanical ability, with an eye for detail and the ability to diagnose faults and to differentiate the wood from the trees. Whilst the desire to improve and drive their area of responsibility is keen they must also be able to recognize the bigger picture and the goals of the business, including recognizing the effects of today’s actions on the future."

Why would a Marine Engineer want to bring their skills to Red Funnel?

"The opportunity to grow with the Company and to have some influence on the future, to shape where we go and to lead within the industry. As already mentioned, this is an exciting period for Red Funnel and the opportunities this can bring to an engineer wishing to extend himself, to lead and to influence should be highly attractive."


To apply for this vacancy, please click here.