Dangerous Goods

We have considerable experience in handling and shipping dangerous cargoes that are permitted on Passenger Vehicle Ferries.

  • We can legally transport by sea classes 1-9, subject to restrictions, and offer freight-only sailings for prohibited substances such as bulk petrol and propane.
  • Staff are experienced with the Regulations applying to the movement of dangerous goods by sea and fully qualified DGSA's are employed.
  • The ferry terminals are spacious with dedicated hard-standing for hazardous loads.

To ship dangerous goods by sea we need the following information 24hrs prior to shipment, as this needs to be declared to the Harbour Authorities and cleared for shipment.

  • UN Number
  • Class of Goods
  • Net Weight
  • Gross Weight
  • Type of Packaging + Packaging Group
  • Proper Shipping Name
  • Flashpoint (if applicable)

To comply with The Merchant Shipping (Dangerous Goods And Marine Pollutants) Regulations 1990, Dangerous, Toxic and/or Hazardous Loads must be declared at the time of booking and on Consignment Notes completed at check-in.


How to make you Declaration

Notification needs to be made by forwarding a copy of your Red Funnel Dangerous Goods Note to our Freight Centre.

This must be emailed 24 hours before departure; the original must be handed in at the port of departure upon check in.