Dinosaurs & Fossil Hunting on the Isle of Wight

Did you know that the Isle of Wight offers some of the best chances of finding dinosaur fossils in the UK?

Once upon a time, the grounds of this “Dinosaur Island” were part of a big river valley complex situated at the latitude of North Africa, where prehistoric creatures roamed the leafy lands and hid in rivers, ponds and swamps. 

"The Isle of Wight, also dubbed “Dinosaur Island” amongst fervent fossil hunters, has the most significant wealth of dinosaur remains in the UK."

Today, you can see fervent fossil hunters scour the island’s fossil beaches in search of the petrified remains of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, sea creatures and mammals who lived here 125 million years ago. Guided tours teach families, schools and groups of friends how to find fossils along the coastline and inside the eroding cliffs.

Unless you live in south west England, you may not even be aware of this whole wealth of archaeological and paleoethological treasures hidden well within your reach. But with our Guide to Fossil Hunting on the Isle of Wight, you can experience the UK’s captivating prehistory first-hand.

What's included:
-How to prepare
-The perfect kit
-What to wear
-The best spots
-Travel tips

Visiting the Isle of Wight? Download the Guide to Fossil Hunting!