Victoria and Albert buy Osborne House

Queen buys Osborne House | 1845 | Period: Victorian

Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert purchased Osborne in October 1845 to escape the stresses of court life.

After first visiting Osborne, England's longest-reigning monarch wrote: 'It is impossible to imagine a prettier spot'. The original house was too small for their needs so a new house was built on the site in the style of the Italian Renaissance complete with two belvedere towers. Prince Albert designed the house himself in conjunction with builder Thomas Cubitt.

The royal family stayed at Osborne for lengthy periods each year. In the spring for Victoria's birthday in May; in July and August when they celebrated Albert's birthday; and just before Christmas. The domestic idyll at Osborne was sadly cut short in December 1861 when Prince Albert died. During her widowhood, Osborne House continued as one of Queen Victoria's favourite homes and fittingly she died there in January 1901.

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