Ryde Pier opens

Ryde Pier opens | 1814 | Period: Georgians

Ryde's pier is the second-longest seaside pier in the country. Only Southend's is longer.

The original wooden structure at Ryde opened in 1814. At 1,740 feet, it allowed vessels to berth even at low tide, when the sea retreats half-a-mile from the shore. It was extended in 1824, and reached its present length of nearly 1/2 mile by 1842.

Ryde Pier is really three piers in one. A second, parallel pier was built in 1864 to support a horse-drawn tramway. This ran from the pier head as far as the pier gates and then through the town to provide a connection for steamer passengers with Ryde's original rail terminus at St John's Road, a mile to the south.