Steam Café Bars

Our Steam Café Bars not only offer our finest premium coffees, teas and deliciously indulgent cakes and pastries but also tasty bacon rolls, breakfast baps, deep-filled paninis and a wide range of toasted sandwiches. On board our ferries you'll also find the Steam Café Bars are fully stocked with a great range of draught and bottled beers & ciders, fine wines from around the world and your favourite spirits. Enjoy!


Face Coverings must be worn to travel on our ferries, and in terminals from 24 July. Therefore all customers will need to enjoy food and drink on the outer decks if they wish to consume whilst travelling.

The outlets currently open on our service are: Steam Bar on B-Deck & Steam Outlet in North Lounge (On-Board) / Steam Cafe at Terminal 1 Southampton (Vehicle Ferry). We are currently limited to selling prepacked food and snacks only.

We are passing the recent UK Government VAT reduction on Hot Drinks back to our customers, so your favourite cup of Steam Coffee will cost you less!


Our coffee story

Whilst its hard to escape the ubiquitous High Street coffee brands, our love of good coffee led us to create the Steam Coffee Company and carefully source the highest quality Arabica beans from around the World.

That was 2006 and today we still blend premium beans from Colombia, Peru, Indonesia, Ethiopia and the highlands of Africa to ensure our coffee is full bodied, smooth and sweet with an aroma and colour to match. Each Steam Coffee Co. Barista is trained to extract a perfect dark liquid topped with a golden crema to ensure your latte or cappuccino has a velvety smooth taste time and time again.


  • Terminal 1, Southampton
  • Terminal 2, Southampton
  • West Cowes Terminal (Fountain Yard)
  • East Cowes Terminal (Trinity Wharf)
  • MV Red Falcon (2 outlets on B deck & 1 outlet on A deck)
  • MV Red Osprey (2 outlets on B deck & 1 outlet on A deck)
  • MV Red Eagle (2 outlets on B deck & 1 on A deck)