ReFuel Café Restaurants

Dining has always been part of the travel experience and if you choose Red Funnel you can enjoy a wide range of delicious, lovingly prepared dishes made with some of the freshest local ingredients from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


Since Victorian Times Red Funnel has retained a reputation for offering great food and a fine range of drinks to discerning travellers. Although the Table d' Hôte service offered on the Paddle Steamers of yesteryear has given way to modern self-service café-bars and restaurants we still believe in offering the very best dishes incorporating local produce to give the unrivalled tastes of the Isle of Wight.

Our ReFuel Café Restaurants cater for all tastes and appetites so whether you are simply looking for a cappuccino with your morning paper, a tasty lunch or something from the kids’ menu, we offer a unique selection.

We are passionate about local produce, not just because you can taste the difference but because buying locally helps sustain local communities. We are proud to source some 60% of our food ingredients from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and to prove this commitment we have been awarded Wight Marque Gold Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Combining the finest ingredients, skilled staff and a friendly atmosphere we are delighted to offer high quality food with sea views to match!

They are Wight Marque Gold accredited and offer a delicious range of quality, freshly prepared hot dishes, sandwiches, rolls, salads as well as baked pastries, cookies and muffins fresh from the oven. Not surprisingly, there's an extensive range of beverages including juices, iced teas, beers, wines and hot drinks with FREE refills.

Our flagship ReFuel café restaurants can be found on our Southampton - East Cowes ferries: -

  • MV Red Osprey (B Deck)
  • MV Red Falcon (B Deck)
  • MV Red Eagle (B Deck)