'Red Funnel 150' by Keith Adams is a high quality 176 page hardback book celebrating 150 years of the Original Isle of Wight Ferries. 

Red Funnel or to give the Company its full name 'The Southampton Isle of Wight and South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Limited' has been trading for 150 years.  With roots back to 1820, the Company was incorporated on 10 September 1861 and has witnessed both World Wars and huge changes in technology that has seen steam powered paddle steamers give way to waterjets and Voith-Schneider propulsion.

Red Funnel 150 charts the history through 150 years of war and peace, good times and bad - right up to today's services which are so much part of Island life. 

Hardback book

  • 176 page, high-quality hardback cover
  • Contains colour & monochrome images published for the first time
  • Written by the son of RB Adams, the author of 'Red Funnel and before' published in 1986
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