Netley is a village alongside eastern shore of Southampton Water, south-east of the city. It is flanked on one side by the ruins of Netley Abbey and on the other by the Royal Victoria Country Park, which is the site of the old Royal Victoria Military Hospital (or Netley Hospital).

The oldest part of Netley retains the feel of a somewhat old-fashioned and quaint village, with some traditional small shops, and rows of colourful terraced cottages. The shingle beach looks across to Hythe and Fawley, although the vista is somewhat dominated by Fawley Oil Refinery.

Away from the shore, larger estates of houses have developed over the years which have greatly increased Netley's population and blurred the boundary between Netley Abbey and Butlocks Heath, but the village still retains the feel of a small community. There are a handful of churches, including the parish church of St Edward the Confessor.